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  1. Could it be part of Bobby Morley's autograph? I remember reading in another thread where quite a few people had got his autograph and he did a strange symbol underneath his name?
  2. Tomorrow, during the H&A omnibus on fivelife, something is going to happen that I'm not sure has ever happened before - the week will begin with the 2006 opening credits, but finish with the new 2007 closing credits! Kinda strange.
  3. So, what do all the people who had not seen them until tonight think of the new opening credits? (I'd say the closing ones as well if the five announcer hadn't spoken through the entire thing although no doubt some of you will think that was a good thing )
  4. Am I right in thinking the episode was shown in its entirety in the New Zealand omnibus having been cut in the airing of the episode itself? If this is the case, maybe the UK omnibus will contain some of the missing scenes? *Holding on to every last thread of hope!*
  5. So many bits were cut out. I really wish five could have put aside an hour for this episode of H&A, and had about 3 ad breaks instead of editing it like this. I think for one of their highest rating shows and with such a key episode they could have done something like that. Some of the cuts were so noticeable, even if you didn't see the original episode. For instance, the first scene with Colleen, they cut it in the middle of her speaking. And the first part of Sally and Brad's kiss and the Silent Night montage was cut which I think would have been nice to see.
  6. I felt so sorry for Amanda in today's episode. She was going out of her way to get a really special Christmas present for Peter, and then he accuses her of cheating on him! I guess that's the first thing that's going to jump into your mind with her, but still, couldn't help but feel sorry for her.
  7. The recent case of Zoe has obviously slipped her mind! Although I guess this is the first time someone has actually laid in a hospital bed apparently dead, surrounded by family and then had a funeral who has later come back. With Zoe, she was in the building, but no one ever really had any proof. It's scary actually to think they just assume when there is a dangerous psycho involved!
  8. ^^ Yeh I thought it was cute too! But that wasn't Lara though, it was Sonia, the other female cop we see quite a lot (she was the one who was at Jack and Martha's wedding with Rice). I thought tonight's episode was brilliant. The stuff between Peter and Drew was really good, and I loved how Peter was willing to go out there and face death just so Drew could be saved. After all the times we've seen Peter after Zoe, never once giving up and always fighting until the last possible moment, it was so different to see him perfectly willing to give up and let Gillan win, all so he could save his son's life. I quite liked the stuff that was going on at the hospital as well. I can't believe after all the drama and waiting around, it turned out that Martha and Jack shared the same blood type all along! One thing that really annoyed me tonight was Matilda warning Lucas about Belle. Not to mention the fact that Luke's brother was critically ill in the other room, so this was probably the furthest thing from his mind, but how many times did Lucas warn Mattie about Dean? Tonight, she said 'I wouldn't be a friend if I didn't warn you', which is more or less the same as what Lucas said to her, except she accused him of lying in order to sabotage her relationship! I'm getting deja-vu here! Good on Lucas for telling her to mind her own business!
  9. ^^No! Sorry, I think I've confused you (I didn't make my point very clear). I agree with you that it is Isabel and Ada (holding the lilo thing). I think the girl under the umbrella who you think is a crew member is Amy Mizzi! Or whoever it is looks very much like Amy did during her last appearance (hair etc.)
  10. I thought that the other girl (who Isabel is talking to) was Amy Mizzi (a.k.a Kit)? It sure looked like her to me.
  11. Today's fivelife episode was really good. Although I completely disagree with what Amanda did with Drew, part of me felt she was really strong to actually admit the truth and tell Belle. I know that nowhere near makes up for it, but it must have been a hard thing to do. I also loved how, when Belle found out, she ran to Irene's for comfort - very touching. The stuff with Kevin was good too - suddenly, we find out he knows something about the whole Drew mess. Jack didn't let us down as usual - he managed to sift through file after file and solve yet another crime! What an ending though, just when he's about to tell Lara, that guy turned up and cut the phone off! Seriously, I think we should start a campaign to promote Jack to Detective - he does more than his fair share as a cop IMO!
  12. ^^Totally agree. I thought the Ric and Mattie bit at the end completely spoiled the moment! After all that Robbie and Tasha have been through, the whole end of that episode should have concentrated on them and noone else. It would have been far better IMO if the episode had ended where they were standing with Ella looking out at the beach! Whilst we're talking about this, I think that the scene where Robbie and Tasha are looking out to the beach is possibly one of the worst edits five have ever made. I have seen the original Aussie episode, and obviously at that point there was a break so the music that was playing finished. But in our version, because we don't see the Australian break bumpers, the scene was cut right before they would have shown, hence the 'George' song just cut out in the middle of a line. It was as if the power had gone out or something. I know this can't really be helped as they can't show the break bumpers, but I would personally have preferred it if they'd kept the music playing over the black background or something - I couldn't help but think that the way the music stopped like that was extremely noticeable. Anyway, I'll stop being picky now!
  13. I think the 16:00 fivelife episode is the previous day's five episode The same one that was on five at 12:00 except without the sign language. It's great how it's on so many times now - 5 times a week if you include the omnibus! Finally, Home and Away is starting its quest for world domination I thought today's fivelife episode was really good - really moving. I liked how Tasha asked Robbie to run away, but that he showed the courage and strength to see the trial through as he could see what is best for Tasha and Ella. The other solicitor (i.e. not Morag) infuriated me though, the way he made Beth say that Robbie had broken the law. Thank goodness the judge could see sense!
  14. I also liked the bit today when Sally took Cassie home and Martha walked out the door straight past her. I can't help but blame Macca for Martha and Jack's break up now. I know it sounds strange probably but today they were so close to getting back together, then she found out he knew about Cassie and Macca and she stormed off and they had another huge row. Although I guess Jack should have known he should have told her without her having to say that. Sigh.
  15. I went to see Lady in the Water a couple of nights ago, and I really don't think I've ever been quite so disappointed by a film. Like you say, the trailers look brilliant, but the film itself really isn't that great. It's just quite slow, and in some parts it's hard to even make sense of what is going on. From the trailer you think it's going to be a really interesting and gripping film to watch, but I really had lost all interest by the end. The storyline becomes so mixed up that it just becomes hard to follow, and there's not really anything about it that makes you want to put in the effort to plod on with it. To be honest, I couldn't wait to get out of the cinema! Obviously this is my personal opinion, don't be completely put off! I may just have completely different taste in films to you. But from what I've heard from many other people who have seen it, this is the general perception!
  16. Well, its 1:15 in the morning, and its soooo hot in the UK. I'm finding it impossible to sleep so I'm sitting here on the PC right now. I don't mind this heat so much during the day, but it's a nightmare at night - even the fan doesn't seem to help!
  17. Cool! Happy Birthday Bec! Feels like ages ago she was in H&A now doesn't it!
  18. Rogue Traders - Voodoo Child. Have it on loop at the moment - love it! Never knew Natalie Bassingthwaighte was so talented.
  19. There's not a set time. There's lots of different factors like, some of the actors, such as Kate Ritchie I would imagine get more fanmail than others as they have been there for longer, have built a bigger fan base, and probably have acquired a large build up of mail which they have to work their way through. Then also remember that some write a personalised letter and some send a standardised one. These all affect how long it'll take to get a response.
  20. I've had 8 fancards which I feel quite lucky about as I'm in the UK. Bec Cartwright replied in about 5 months with a signed fancard and a standardised letter but at the end she added a bit answering the Qs I had asked her. Lyn Collingwood replied in a very short time- about 4 weeks, and Clarissa House and Ray Meagher in about 8 weeks, all of them wrote a short message on the card. Ben Unwin and Isabel Lucas replied in about 6 months with personally signed cards, and Isabel sent a standardised letter that was also signed. Laurie Foell replied 9 months after I wrote with a really nice message on the card. Finally, I got a reply from Ada a couple of weeks ago which was personally signed and had a letter with it. I wrote to Ada three times; once in 2002! Then again in Aug 2004, and once in Aug 2005, so it was in response to one of these times! lol- it either took 4 years, 1 and a half years, or 8 months! We'll never really know! lol But it just goes to show that usually you will evetually get a reply, however long it takes!
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