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Favourite not-a-regular character of all time?

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Hmmm, this is hard...

I would have to say Rocco I guess, followed very closely by Johnny. Ian Meadows is a fantastic actor and he played the part really well. The character just seemed so innocent and shy when he first came and he was so conflicted, it was just great to watch. I really felt sorry for him, especially as all he wanted was to get out of the gang and it was just tragic what happened to him in the end.

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I liked both Russels about the same. Though I think Angie deserves the title as my favorite non-regular character as she was much more enjoyable to watch.

Josie was a regular, anyway :)

I was refering to Angie and Dylan.

While those two were my favorite guests, I also like(d) Rocco and Paris. Atleast I don't remember Paris being a regular.

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Huge toss-up between my beloved Sam, and the adorable Rocco. I think Sam just about wins though because she was such a total legend. Rocco tried to kill Sally, and even though it wasn't his fault, I loved Sally so he loses points for that. Sam was beyond brilliant, she was a total underdog, but she didn't go down without a fight, loved her!!!

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