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Prison Break

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I hated Kellerman is Season One but he's one of my favourite characters now.

Agreed. By the way, ep 19 screened in the US yesterday. It is entitled "Sweet Caroline" and is the return of Madame Evil herself. Torrenting at the moment. So excited. :D

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I agree Kellerman Rocks! :)

The next ep 2.20 is called "Panama"

Sarah weighs sacrificing herself in order for Michael and Lincoln to set sail to freedom; T-Bag's reign of terror continues south of the border as Bellick forces Sucre to track down the missing money; Mahone's actions finally catch up with him; and an escapee finally tastes freedom. T-Bag wants more and more of Chi Chi pretending to be Susan so he offers her more money. She is quite creeped out but agrees to if he pays upfront. This doesn't please T-Bag and actually kills the mood for him. What will T-Bag do to mood-breaker Chi Chi?

only two more episodes left after that!

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