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Prison Break

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Now we can discuss without having to put everything as spoilers. Man I loved that last episode sooo much. And yay Sucre is still alive. Who do people reckon will be the next to be shot. And who was that guy who was giving orders to Bill (I think thats his name - the guy who is giving orders to Kellerman and Mahone)

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I'm glad Sucre is still alive too!

I really want to see more of Bellick in Fox River! That's so great how they've turned the tables on him, and he'll be sharing a cell with Avocado! Plus I loved the setting at the Prison in the first season so we get to see more of it, Yay!

Some guy reckons that the boss man is actually Oscar Shales... but I don't really know what to think.

Check it out here:


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He does kind of look like him. But Mahone dug him up from his garden. I guess that could be some other person though. Thats something to think about.

When I read the episode summary it said about Bellick's return to fox river and I thought it was going to be as a warden. I laughed when it was as a prisoner. I really thought Linc and Michael were going to go back once we saw Bellick and the prison again. But hopefully not.

I just cant see where this season is going to go and what next season is going to involve. i read somewhere that all season's will take a different turn from the others - something we've seen as season 1 is in fox river and season 2 is on the run

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