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    I am a massive Home and Away fan. Robbie/Tasha and Dex/April are my favorite couples on Home and Away. When I'm not watching HAA I am studying media arts at Waikato University or drinking with friends.
  1. Community "Troy and Abed in the morning"
  2. I agree with you here. Dex and April fit so well together. I don't think he is gay.
  3. That was really good it made me emotional.
  4. Its hot here in NZ too but probly not as hot as in Melbourne, im going there in a couple weeks and I guess I will have to get use to the HOT weather.
  5. The proclaims - I'm going be (500 miles)
  6. Evermore - Without your smile.
  7. Its abstolute crap weather in Hamilton NZ it is supose to rain on Christmas Day.
  8. Darlene Love - All alone at Christmas.
  9. I just realised I can talk here cause i joined round October 2004. So what do you talk about here?
  10. In NZ its really cold but sometimes its sunny.
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