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  1. stuartch

    All Saints

    Agreed on both counts. Was the prison guard from tonight the same person as the editor who fired Belle earlier this year (Paula I think?)
  2. stuartch

    All Saints

    If this day couldn't get any worse for All Saints, http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,24254635-2,00.html ALL Saints star Jolene Anderson has been injured in a car crash. The news comes as the show's fans reel from the death of actor Mark Priestley, who played her on-screen lover. Logie nominee Anderson plays nurse Erica Templeton in the Channel 7 series. Her character married Priestley's nurse Dan Goldman after an on-off relationship in Tuesday's episode. Anderson was returning home from a matinee performance of Tell Me On A Sunday - her new musical - when her vehicle was
  3. stuartch

    All Saints

    I just hope to God that Jolene's decision wasn't a factor here. If Mark's contract wasn't renewed because of her decision to move on....she might be feeling extremely guilty right now.
  4. stuartch

    All Saints

    From today's Age, "All Saints star Jolene Anderson is taking a break from the Seven medical drama to star in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Tell Me On a Sunday. On All Saints, Anderson's character, nurse Erica Templeton, was married this week to fellow nurse Dan Goldman (Mark Priestley). Her final episode airs next month."
  5. stuartch

    All Saints

    Little off topic, but confirmation that Rush will air opposite All Saints. http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2008/08/airdate-rush.html Damn Seven and Ten making us choose between Australian dramas. All Saints might struggle against Rush I think, if Packed to the Rafters fails as a lead-in, since Rush is coming off the back of very popular, and new NCIS, which generally beats AS in the ratings anyway.
  6. stuartch

    All Saints

    ^^All Saints gets pushed back to 9.30. Source: TV Tonight
  7. stuartch

    All Saints

    The person who played Dylan Russell in H&A is on All Saints tonight. Dyed his hair blonde, and looks very much like Jules Lund from Getaway.
  8. stuartch

    All Saints

    ^^ I was just about to come in here to post the exact same thing.
  9. Unexpected, yet so expected. I can't believe you didn't win with something of this quality.
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