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    Singing, acting, performing, guys and hanging out with my FRIENDS!!!!

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  1. Hey guys! It is now 23.48 and I am nowhere near tired What´s up?
  2. Black socks, Blue jeans, a dark blue top, a wrist band and underwear (duh..)
  3. Oooh... thats not good :S Am soon going to a drama-rehersal! Was supposed to be from 1.30-7.30 but since I have a big part I have to meet at 12 instead :S
  4. You suuuuuuuuure? *peekingupfrombehindacouch* What´s up? =)
  5. Yeah I gotta head off too so best of luck to you and sure you´ll do great! =) Night night =)
  6. Okey=) Whats the play about? =)
  7. It´s gotta be about something right ;)? =) And yeah, what is it about? =)
  8. Eye on the prize ;) Sure you´ll do great =)
  9. Can understand that.. It´s the same for me with norwegian.. as english is my second language I enjoy that a bit more
  10. Poor you Hope it goes well even though I can understand the boredom of it
  11. I for one will be in that category What's everyone up to? I am bored That´s the best way to describe it as I am doing absolutely nothing (except for being on here) And I hope so to abigail
  12. Until... hmmmmmmm.... well.. We get tired of it? Which could mean it will go on for a really long time
  13. Yeah A campaign to get him over there too ;)
  14. lol It is everywhere ;)
  15. Hhihi I will now remain silent I think lol
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