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  1. Hey guys! It is now 23.48 and I am nowhere near tired What´s up?
  2. I am reading the first "Twilight"-book... =P One of my friends sort of forced me
  3. Black socks, Blue jeans, a dark blue top, a wrist band and underwear (duh..)
  4. Oooh... thats not good :S Am soon going to a drama-rehersal! Was supposed to be from 1.30-7.30 but since I have a big part I have to meet at 12 instead :S
  5. You suuuuuuuuure? *peekingupfrombehindacouch* What´s up? =)
  6. Megina

    Support Group

    I know exactly how you feel... The feeling of "I have to do what everyone else expects and wants from me or they will hate me (or something of the sort)"... :S I feel bad that you are having this feeling... I have struggled with that for ages.. and for a while I just did what everyone wanted and it left me exhausted and miserable.. I am now trying to cool it off, but it is making me feel like I am letting everybody down.. But I think it will help in the long run.. I am also lazy at school these days and I think the best thing to do is either talking to your teacher and letting them now how you feel about this and that or just trying to accept that right now your body wants you to chill for a bit.. Either way is not easy but it might help a little bit =)
  7. Megina

    Support Group

    Hehe =) I don´t think I will bring it up with them.. my family does not communicate about anything half-emotional.. It´s mostly superficial.. If they ask me I might be able to say part of it, but I don´t think I will manage to talk about the suicide-thoughts and/or the eating disorder.. That I am feeling depressed I might be able to say, but only if asked :S My family is sort of disfunctional :S And yeah =P Do that Rising-Flame =)
  8. Megina

    Support Group

    lol =) I will try =) Thanks
  9. Megina

    Support Group

    Glad you feel better =) I don´t really think that I want to go on meds though.. the thing is that I am terrified of my parents finding out about the eating disorder (even though my mom had her suspicions), the suicide thoughts and everything else... And I know you will probably think, well they love you and will only want what is best for you but I know my family and telling them would not work out well.. I am trying to not beat myself up about it but this whole thing makes me feel increbibely self-centered :S
  10. Megina

    Support Group

    I am really sorry to hear that I know some of the reason, but I feel there is something there that I can not explain.. I have friends that I can in theory talk too... But (even though they of course have problems of their own) they try to see the world as a bright shiny place for everybody but themselves and for that reason they only tell me that I am a fantastic person (blablabla) and tell me that everything will be all right and that there are so many people worse off... I know there is and I don´t feel good about feeling bad for myself.. There are people so much worse off than me but still I can not help it :S Might take you up on that rising-flame =)
  11. Megina

    Support Group

    Don't do it. Your life is worth more than you realise. I won´t =) Ugh, I hate it when people do that. It's like they don't even want to listen to you. You do have problems, and they're real, and they're hurting you. That should be obvious to anyone with half a wit. But people like that, it's like everything you say is an inconvenience to their perfect view of the world, in which you should just be NORMAL and be happy like everyone else, because there are so many people who's lives are a lot harder than your's, but they're happy, so why aren't you? What's wrong with you?? But it's always a rhetorical question, isn't it? Because if you actually try to tell them what's wrong, or that you don't even know why you feel the way you do, then that's never good enough. They always want to double talk you and tell you that you don't really have a problem, it's all in your head, and if you were a better person, you'd just hurry up and get over it to stop being so annoying. So that's why I don't like counselors. Some of them on the rare occasion are willing to actually listen to you and genuinely want to help you, but most of them in my experience are only out to tell you what they want you to say, not to listen to what you NEED to say... This might all be sounding really negative, but here's the positive - when you're ready to deal with this stuff, you'll find the strength to do it. It won't come from people patronizing you and telling you to get over it, it'll come from something inside you that tells you that it's time for you to move on from that self-doubt and hopelessness. The tricky part is keeping some glimmer of faith that that will happen for you, even if you can't see how right now. And above all, DON'T do anything that would leave you without the chance of recovery, like suicide. If you're depressed, I say be depressed. I say get out everything that needs to be got out, and screw anyone who tells you that your wrong to have emotions. That's why I love this thread. You can say whatever you want without people judging you. The more you bottle things up and try to hide them, the more they will eat at you. So let it out, and to hell with whoever gets in the way! If they don't like you for who you really are, and if they're not willing to let you have your weak moments and to be HUMAN, then that really is their problem, not yours. Thanks so much for that Emma! The thing with the person I talked to was just that.. she was talking about all the other girls that came in also and was like: well, I dont get why they do it because they are such lovely girls :S And she was one of those bright and bubbly, the world is a bed of rose-pedals kind of a person.. :sI really dont like that :S The thing is that I also talked to a friend of mine about some of it and he is just telling me that it is a load of rubbish for me to feel this and this as it is not true :S And that (as I have told him) does not help me at all as I can not help how I feel and him saying it is rubbish just makes me feel stupid and even more alone with the problems than before.. :S And yeah.. This thread is a really good thread
  12. Yeah I gotta head off too so best of luck to you and sure you´ll do great! =) Night night =)
  13. Okey=) Whats the play about? =)
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