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Prison Break

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Holy crap, I have just found these AWESOME spoliers:

Michael ends up behind bars before the season is over. But he won't be at Fox River

A new female series regular will be added to the cast next season. "She is Michael's equal in terms of intelligence,"

March 5 Episode: Sweet Caroline

As Kellerman prepares for an assassination, Michael is determined to confront the President and expose her secrets recorded on the audiotape.

Surely they're not gonna make us wait a whole year for those!

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I just wish I had the patience to wait and watch the last 4 episodes together - I reckon it would so much better as i forget what happens between each week. But of course Im never gonna have that much patience

Hey, just wondering where you download or watch your PB eps? My source at peekvid.com has stopped after Ep 16 - Chicago, and I've been hanging for weeks.

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I find prison break so great but its so annoying how you can go from really hating a character to really liking them or feeling sorry for them in the same episode. I just cant decide if I like Kellerman and Mahone or not - I hate them cause they are mean to Michael and Lincoln but then I feel kind of sorry for both of them

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