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Sleepless Nights

Guest carmelle

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Story Title: Sleepless Nights

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Everyone

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: None

Summary: It's always a sleepless night for someone in Summer Bay

Ok here's my fan fic, the first part is kinda long, but i hope y'all like it.

Chapter One - Setting the scene

For many of the women of Summer Bay it was a sleepless night.

At the Bachelor pad Doctor Rachel Armstrong lay awake in bed next to her sleeping husband Kimberly Hyde. Ever since their wedding day all Rachel Armstrong had were sleepless nights.

In the room next door to Rachel and Kim lay a pregnant Kit Hunter, who was also wide awake. She was the cause of Rachel’s sleepless nights. Kim and the baby were hers, not that she wasn’t to blame also.

In the bedroom next to Kit’s were another couple, Martha and Jack. It was fair to say that Martha was one of the few women in the bay that was asleep. Jack on the other hand was awake and plotting revenge, against none other than his wife Martha. You see she had cheated on him not too long ago. Martha always argued that they were separated, but she was still married to him, and that to him meant she cheated.

Jack had thought that they had settled their differences when they decided to reconcile and give their marriage another chance but Jack learned that forgiving wasn’t easy. Jack decided he was going to get revenge not because he hated Martha, but because he wanted things to be fair. I guess you could say he wanted to get even with Martha. And seeing as she cheated on him, he had to cheat on her.

Yes! Jack had made his mind up. He was going to get even with his beloved wife Martha, who had cheated on him, by cheating on her. It was that easy.

Jack smiled to himself as he started to plan his “getting even”. Needless to say he wasn’t going to be getting any sleep, not tonight.

Not too far away from the Bachelor Pad, was the Beach house, and yes it was a sleepless night for the lady of this house too. Irene Roberts sat at the table in silence and continued to stare at the bottle in front of her, as she did for many nights now. You see Irene was a woman who had always had a kid or two to take care of. She had always had someone in her house, but ever since the last one moved back to be closer to her mother, there had been no one else. Irene loved her work during the day, but when her shift ended, it was back home to an empty house. Sure enough her kids called her, but that wasn’t enough, not anymore. So Irene turned to the bottle, to gain from it a form of comfort that she had once gained a long time ago.

Until tonight she had held back from opening the bottle, scared of what demons she may be releasing. She didn’t care anymore. She grabbed the bottle, twisted the cap open and took a swig. It felt good. Oh how she had missed this. She brought the bottle back to her mouth and did not take it away until there was nothing left. For Irene, sleep was on its way.

Close to the beach house was the Hunter-Holden house, and yes it was a sleepless night for a woman here as well. Beth Hunter got up from her bed, and walked out of the room she shared with Tony, her significant other, and walked into her kitchen. She had been reflecting on her life and she wasn’t sure where all the years had gone. When she thought about who she was, all she could come up with was daughter, wife, mother, grandmother and partner. That wasn’t enough for her. She was once a woman who had many dreams, but she wasn’t sure what had happened to those dreams. Beth Hunter was a brilliant wife and partner and an even better daughter, mother and grandmother and she loved her family and friends and was loved back in return, but she wanted more out of life and she was going to get it. The only problem was she wasn’t sure how, and she wasn’t going to get any sleep until she knew how.

At the Caravan Park house lived Sally Fletcher. Ever since she had returned home from hospital she had the worst nightmares. She always found her self waking up in a panic in the middle of the night. So Sally decided that the best way to stop the nightmares was to not sleep. Staying up during the night was not such an easy thing when you know that the person that stabbed you was out there somewhere and that you are alone in a house with three children. As a widow, staying up during the night, Sally found that she missed her husband even more. Never the less Sally decided that she would rather stay up until she finally passed out; to her that was surely better than screaming and waking up one of her children.

Not too far from the Caravan Park house was the Patterson-Baker house. By now I shouldn’t have to tell you that it was a sleepless night for a woman here as well. :lol: This was where Leah Patterson-Baker sat in bed staring at the clock, while her husband Daniel Baker snored away next to her. Leah couldn’t sleep for many reasons, and she herself wasn’t sure why. You see Leah had thought that she was happy with her life, her family, her business. But lately she had found herself unhappy, and she couldn’t work out why and obviously this had caused her many sleepless nights, until not too long ago, when she realised why she was unhappy. So Leah did what she had to, to make herself the happy and bubbly person that she always was. It felt right at the time, but now guilt was building up inside her. And tonight it was this guilt that kept her awake.

There was one other woman in the Bay that was asleep, and she lived at the Vale Mansion. But that was about to change.

Amanda Vale was asleep in her bed. There was a smile on her face. She was dreaming. And here’s what she was dreaming about…

She is walking down the aisle in her beautiful white dress. Her friends and family are all watching her, and admiring her. They all have smiles on their faces and are all happy for her. Then all of a sudden she realises that the more she walks the further she gets from her groom. She calls out to him, but he can’t hear her. Then the whole room starts spinning and turns into a vortex swallowing her whole and Amanda finds her self in black space. All alone.

And that was when her dream turned into a nightmare.

Amanda Vale woke up screaming. Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead. It wasn’t the first time she had a nightmare about her wedding. She lay back in bed and tried to get back to sleep. But just like all the other nights, it wasn’t going to come.

At the same time that Amanda Vale woke up screaming, there were two other woman in the Bay that were also having sleepless nights. One had just reached the Bay from the city and the other was moving silently with the shadows of the night. For these two, sleep would come, for the first once she gets to where she needs to and for the second once she is back in her caravan.

Sure enough there are more sleepless nights to come, so remember to come back soon. :P

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Oooh, this is really interesting. Love what you have written, very suspenseful. I want to know who the two new women are and what Leah has done... and Jack... will he really cheat on Martha?

I have insomnia, :P so I can't wait to see where you go with this...

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ok here's the next part, it's short, but hopefully interesting.

Chapter Two – Picking up From Where We Left

Previously in the Bay it was a sleepless night for many of the women here, oh and Jack Holden. Before we left I told you about two women who were also having sleepless nights. One had just reached the Bay from the city and the other was moving silently with the shadows of the night. For these two, sleep would come, for the first once she gets to where she needs to and for the second once she is back in her caravan.

The first woman was Morag Bellingham. You see Morag had just returned to the Bay from her latest stint in the city. She took the key out of the ignition and got out of her car. She then opened the door to the back seat and pulled out two boxes. Holding a box in each arm Morag closed the door with her leg and made her way to the door of the Caravan Park House and placed one box on the floor. She then raised her arm to knock on the door, hoping that her extended family weren’t going to be too mad at her for turning up at this hour.

Sally Fletcher, who was also having a sleepless night, was inside trying to keep herself awake by doing one of her young daughter Pippa’s puzzles at the dining table.

Morag knocked.

Sally heard.

Morag knocked again.

Sally jumped up from her seat and ran and grabbed the baseball bat near the door. Sally was terrified. She went to the door and raised her hand to the lock.

Her hand started to shake. She dropped her hand to her side.

She felt a strong arm on her shoulder.

She let out cry and jumped around waving the baseball bat all over the place.

“Watch that thing, what are you trying to do to me?” asked a cranky Alf, who had been rudely woken up by the knocking.

“Oh Alf, I’m so sorry. It’s just that…” Sally tried to explain in between her breathlessness

“It’s ok dear. No need to explain yourself to me. Now lets see which flaming mongrel it is that has woken us up!” He said taking the baseball bat out of sally’s hand and resting it back against the wall.

Morag spoke up from outside the door.

“ALFRED STUART, I suggest you open this door now, before I spring a court order on you!”

Sally breathed a sigh of relief and unlocked and opened the door to a Morag, wearing a less than amused expression on her face and once again carrying a box in each arm.

Morag stepped into the house.

Sally closed the door again, locking it once again.

Morag placed the boxes down on the floor and turned to Sally.

“Oh don’t lock it just yet. I’m going to need a caravan to keep these boxes in, and of course I will be paying you.”

“Why? Are you not staying here? The spare bedroom is, well, still the spare bedroom. You can keep the boxes in there.” Sally replied, worried about opening the door again.

“Morag what in flaming hell are you doing turning up here at this time?”

“Alfred I would have gotten here sooner if I could have, and Sally I do apologise for turning up at this hour, I hope I didn’t give you too much of a fright, and I would be more comfortable keeping these boxes in a caravan, if that’s ok with you. It’s just files and some things for work.”

Sally walked over to the phone and grabbed a key to a caravan.

“It’s the closest one we have to the house that is empty, and I’m not charging you.” She said as she walked back to the door and unlocked it.

“Thank you. Back soon.” Replied Morag as she took the key from Sally and picked up her boxes again.

“Don’t be too long, or I’m going to get paranoid and send out a search party.” Chuckled Sally nervously as she closed the door behind Morag.

Morag found her caravan, opened it, and placed the boxes under the table. She then locked the doors of the caravan, checking that it was locked so that no one could take her boxes.

It was as she turned around to go back to the house that she saw a woman moving silently with the shadows of the night. She was heading for one of the other caravans. There was something very familiar about the woman.

And all of a sudden Morag realised that the woman was the Bay’s very own Colleen Smart.

How odd thought Morag to herself. Colleen operated on a system that was lights out by eight. What on earth was she doing out and about at this time? She continued to watch Colleen from outside her caravan.

Colleen was very twitchy. She kept turning around and looking over her shoulders. She was about to throw what looked like a brown paper bag into her garbage can. She opened it but then changed her mind. She closed her can and walked over to the caravan next to hers. She then opened the garbage can outside the caravan and placed what looked like a brown paper bag into it. She then went inside her caravan and locked her door shut. She then drew the curtains making sure that no one was outside.

“I always knew that woman was strange” said Morag to herself

Morag started to walk towards the garbage can. She reached out to open it, but heard Sally call from the house. She decided to forget about the bag, after all it was ONLY Colleen Smart. Morag turned and made her way back to the house, stopping at her car once again, this time to take her bags.

Once Morag was inside again Sally locked the door and Alf decided to go back to bed.

Sally showed Morag to her room.

Once Morag had settled into her room, Sally sat went back to the puzzle that she had been working on.

Ok so it’s still a sleepless night for most people in Summer Bay, but me, I’m not in Summer Bay, so I’m of to sleep. :P

So some of you may be thinking:

What’s Colleen up to?

What’s in the brown bag?

Why is Morag back, again?

What’s inside Morag’s boxes?

Will morning ever come?

There’s only one way to find out, so make sure you come back soon.

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