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Ugly Betty

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Does anyone still watch this? It is now running in England on C4/ E4 and has just got up to the episode with the revelation about Suzuki [trying not to give too much away].

I love it, but I think the series that is on now [3rd??] is going off a bit. Marc, Amanda and Wilhelmina are all getting too nice- I preferred them when they were nasty. But I suppose if the characters carried on like that, they would soon run out of steam.

Anyone else still watching this programme?

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I reckon in the end they'll put Betty and Daniel together.

Thank you Lily!!!

I came on this thread to post that statement but you took the words out of my mouth!!

I'd love for Betty and Daniel to get together.....in the end (the sooner the better to be honest!)

He is lyk sex, and a bit wild but she would keep him grounded and steady if they got together!!

It would be perfect.

But by the looks of it from the bits I've seen....I think Daniel planning on marrying some blond girl!

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