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  1. I loved him the first time and even more the second time round. Wished he brought the bear back instead off Graves! The show is no longer the same without him in it, he made the show funny and another reason to watch If he comes back again I hope it's longer than this the second time.
  2. How long has Irene been off screen for?
  3. I would love to see these two get together, it could be what they both need at the moment
  4. Melodys mum is really bad, she is off her head. A cute scene with Aden and Belle.
  5. Thanks for answering my question.
  6. Is that good?I'm dying waiting for it to come out here.Her other two are brilliant. Dvds a bus ticket and a bottle of Coke. I haven't read it but my mate has and she told me its very good
  7. Brilliant 2 chapters! A little girl, wonder what she will be called? Can not wait for next chapter! This can not end
  8. I am a fan off Jacks and have been from the beginning. I know he is focusing on Marthas illness but I would like for him to have his own little storyline. We never see him at the police station much any more. I also thinks he needs to take his shirt off more Hope he will be around for a long time. He must be superman with what he has been through
  9. Morag's name is Morag Bellingham, who was she married to?
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