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Ugly Betty

Guest Cal

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I know this hasn't started in the UK yet, but we saw the first two episodes here yesterday....It's the best show ever! :P

It is really funny and I just plain love it. Anybody else like it? Please discuss when it first airs on Channel 4 on Friday. It's a blast! :D

Here is some info on it if you don't know what it is:

Ugly Betty follows the daily life of Betty Suarez, a young woman from a struggling Latino family who works as an executive assistant at MODE fashion magazine. Most of her female co-workers are more attractive than she is; they often humiliate and insult her because of her appearance (her only friend is Christina). Suarez is not interested in fashion and is sometimes clueless about the company's motives and organizations. Her boss, the womanizing Daniel Meade (who initially turned her away because of her appearance), has a lack of fashion experience too, but both are intent on performing well at their jobs, even at the expense of those trying to stop them. The program includes a serialized plot involving Meade's predecessor Fey Sommers, who supposedly was killed in a fiery hit-and-run accident but actually is a hospital patient swathed in facial bandages that conceal her identity, as well as a storyline involving Betty's father, Ignacio Suarez, whose admission to coming to the United States as an illegal immigrant could put his family in a legal bind.

Although it is expected to remain true to the original Betty La Fea, this version is expected to include more dramatic elements because of the serious issues explored in the program. And like another ABC dramedy series, Desperate Housewives, this one also uses the same tone and style, combining elements of drama, comedy, mystery, farce, camp, soap opera and satire, but done in a lighter element. The show is filmed like a traditional network drama (with motion picture film), rather than the videotape production of the original telenovela.

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Yeah, Sweden is pretty much before us on everything on TV... It's really annoying, because I have Swedish tv-stations but I hate Swedish subtitles, and the picture gets a bit blurry and twisted.

Hopefully it will get better when we get digital tv over here.

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