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Ugly Betty

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Yer that would be cool! I can't wait for the next episode because from the adverts it shows that Betty, the gay one Mark i think his name is and the 'good looking' one Amanda i think her name is have to pull together which should be funny! And also Justin goes for work experience in the office which should be good! I love Justin! Hes so adorable! lol

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Can a Mod please change the sub-title of this thread to Rté: Thursday & C4: Friday , Coming To Seven?

It's just that Rté changed the slot from Monday to Thursday, thanks!

I'm loving UB right now, it gets funnier every episode! :D

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Her nephew creeps me out.. with the whole tap-dancing sailor thingy for Halloween :lol:

I loved that episode! :lol:

I think he is one of the best characters. The episode that was on here last night was really sad. :(

Betty's dad got arrested for being an Illegal Immigrant on the run

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