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Ugly Betty

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I only watched it coz Caleb(Alan Dale) and Dean Hess from The OC are in it! How hunky is Dean Hess with Brwon Hair? :wub:

This Show Rox!

THAT'S who it is. :o I watched the first two episodes and the whole time i was sitting there thinking, I know that guy from another show. And I know he didn't look THAT fine the last time i saw him on what-ever-show it was. Dean Hess huh? Deffinitely better without the blonde hair! :D

I think the second episode was much better than the first. So if that's anything to go by, it should just keep getting better. :unsure:

The show does seem a bit predictable, but that's never stopped me watching tv before, so why stop now? :rolleyes:

Hehe! I thought the same thing when i first saw the ad! I was like who on earth is that guy i recognise him and then i was like oh my gosh its Dean Hess but i dont remember him looking quite so fine before! lol Definitely prefer him with brown hair! And i love Alan Dale! I was so sad when Caleb left the OC! lol But am loving Ugly Betty its great! I have watched the first 3 now and am looking forward to the next! I agree they are getting better and better and i love Betty! Shes so adorable! lol

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Ugly Betty is on my To watch series along with Heroes! I absolutly love Ugly Betty! Its such a fresh drama and it doesn't drag and every episode has me laughing. America Ferrera is one hell of an actress and she deserved those two awards =)

I'm glad its airing again after the christmas break, after episode 11 i was dying for more and I just watched episode 12 and it was great ^^

Recommend it to EVERYONE :D

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I watched it yesterday and really enjoyed it! I sense a relationship of some sort for her and the one she works for .. :P

^^Yeah that seems to be the obvious thing. Would be interesting to see if they do go along with that or find someone else.

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