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Ugly Betty

Guest Cal

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I'm so happy I found this thread I was about to give up looking for it.

I just finished catching up.

I love UB its one of those shows that has humour and sadness in one episode.

The characters are so loveable. My favourites are Mark [Cliff /Mark scenes :)] and Amanda [The Gene Simmons song was hilarious it was really touching that she finally found her father] I love her singing and the Mark/Amanda friendship is one to be jealous of. I could go on and list most of the characters for me there's something to like about all of them just with some I like them more than others.

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Ireland and the UK stopped airing, but the US continued with a few more episodes. We stopped airing after "Bananas for Betty", but America continued on and stopped after "A Thousand Words by Friday"

The US will start again tomorrow and so will Ireland, but we will be a few episodes behind. Did that make sense? :unsure:

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