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Second Best

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StoryTitle – Second Best

Type of story: undecided

BTTB Rating: T/A

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

Genre: Drama

Does Story include spoilers: No

Any Warnings: SC

Summary: Martha feels as though theres always someone more important to Jack. Them trying to make there marriage work.

ok well some one not mentioning any names *cough JTH cough* wouldnt leave me alone until i posted this and then i stupidly promised i would do it. So it doesnt have a name yet but if anyone can think of one they should tell me cause i stared at the dumb screen for 10 mins trying to think of one but i couldnt soo.. here it is... if its crappy tell me or dont reveiw then i'll know she lied lol :P sorry if theres mistakes i'll edit it later if i see any bad ones lol :P


She looked over at the body lying next to her, and sighed once again she had managed to mess her life up. Jack had needed her this last month or so and she had done nothing but sleep with and continue to date his best mate. Her and jack had remained friends but it wasn’t the same she’d realized how much she loved him the day she saw him at the diner with Sam and Rory, it killed her to see another woman touching him and she felt awful at what jack must have been feeling when he knew her and Ash had slept together, but at least she had one thing easing her mind that day jack could hardly walk so its not as though they could have slept together. But now he was even back at work so she didn’t have that same feeling anymore. She had to get out of the bed she couldn’t lie next to ash anymore she just felt so dirty and wrong next to him. She walked downstairs to the kitchen. She looked at the clock it was 12.30, she picked up her phone and saw a missed call from jack, she sighed and thought to herself damn it if I hadn’t been with ash I would’ve at least got to hear his voice. she decided she’d call him back and tell him she just wanted to make sure it wasn’t an emergency, really she just wanted to hear his voice.

Jack heard his phone going off in the kitchen he raced over to it hoping it didn’t wake Sam up she’d decided to stay the night cause Rory was at a friends house. He looked down and saw it was Martha he couldn’t control the small smile that appeared on his face.

“Hello” jack answered


“What’s up is everything alright it?”

“Yea I just had a missed call and I thought I’d call you and make sure it wasn’t an emergency or something”

“O umm nah it wasn’t are you sure everythings alright you sound stressed”

“No everythings fine”

“Ok well its kind of hard to talk right now, Sam’s sleeping”

“O yea right sorry bye” she replied quickly trying not to sound hurt,

Jack sensed it and tried to say something but she hung up too quickly.

Martha tried to control her tears but she couldn’t she’d lost him he didn’t care about her in that way anymore all they were was friends and that’s all they’d ever be she lied down on the couch and cried into a cushion after about an hour and a half later she fell asleep.

She woke up the a few hours later to ash’s worried voice

“Martha, Martha oi wake up”

“o hey what’s wrong” she groaned

“Why did you come sleep down here? Did I do something that wrong am I really that ugly” he joked

“O umm no” she tried her hardest to put on a fake smile

“I just couldn’t sleep and I came down here to get a drink and sit on the couch and I must of fallen asleep sorry”

“That’s alright so what are you doing today do you want to meet up for lunch? I’ve got a spilt shift so maybe we could go for a picnic or something nice like that?” he questioned

“Umm o arr. nah I cant sorry” she replied trying to sound disappointed

“Aww why not?”

“Well Tash and Robbie are calling round lunch time and you know me and tash we’ll be talking for hours and hours on end” she joked she felt bad for lying to him he hadn’t done anything wrong but she wasn’t up to it today.

“o well alright I guess I’ll just come see you at Noah’s after my shift?”

“Umm. Yea ok sounds good” at least granddad will be there so I can use that as an excuse not to kiss him and stuff. She thought

“Alright well I better go and get ready for my shift see you tonight” he called as he walked out the door.

Jacks eyes flicked open as the sun shone through his window he’d just had the best dream it was about Martha and he couldn’t wait too wake her up and tell her. He looked over and saw Sam “damn it” he though to himself 4th time in 2 weeks this had happened he didn’t know how he could forget in his sleep that Martha had left him it happened everytime Sam stayed over he just put it down to the fact he wasn’t used to have a different woman to wake up too so his brain would presume it was Martha. Deep down he knew that it was more like his hearts wishful thinking. But he couldn’t think about that he had Sam now and he had to protect her and they were good together besides Martha was happy with Ash right? He thought, he then started to think back to last night and the strange phone call from Martha if she was so happy why couldn’t she sleep and besides this was Martha it took A LOT too keep her awake. He shook his head and reminded himself that Martha’s love life didn’t concern him anymore.

“Morning” Sam said with a huge grin on her face

“Morning” jack said disinterested

“What’s wrong?” she asked

“O nothing sorry I was just thinking about work that’s all and I just cant remember what time my shift starts but I think its 11” he lied he knew it was 10 but he wanted to get rid of Sam soon he just felt like being alone.

“O ok well I have to pick Rory up at 9 so what’s the time?”

“8:30” he stated

“Crap I better get dressed, do you want to come with me and we can have breakfast at the diner after we pick Rory up?” she asked hoping to bring jack out of his mood

“O no I cant I’ve got to go see Luke I haven’t talked to him in ages.” Damn he thought second lie this morning I got to stop

“O umm ok” why is he lying to me? Did I do something wrong? Maybe I’m being to clingy maybe I’m just being paranoid.

“But maybe we can do something after my shift, like go to Noah’s or something I Finish at 6 we could have dinner with Rory there?” damn it he thought again could this day get any worse god I hope Martha isn’t working

“Yea dinner sounds great” she smiled and thought ok so I was just being paranoid and literally bounced into the bathroom.

10 minutes later jack was in the kitchen making some toast

“See you tonight babe” she called as she went out the door

“Yep, bye” jack called

He sat down on that couch and started to think about Martha again maybe I should go see her she sounded distracted last night maybe theres something wrong and she was trying to tell me but she couldn’t. I should just go and talk to her she’s not going to think its weird I’m her friend Tash and Robbie used to drop in on us all the time. She’ll think it’s weirder if I never do it. He tried to encourage himself to go over there he up and grabbed his keys.

He was out the front of sally’s house why cant I just knock he said to himself

“Just knock you idiot go on omg how big of a wuss are you? Ok pull yourself together just knock” he said to himself out loud

“Jack is that you? What are you doing? were you talking to yourself” Martha asked clearly amused

“Umm no I was umm on the phone” he lied crap I cant believe she just saw that

“O really so do you have this phone you were so called on?” she laughed

“Yes its right here” he said reaching into his pocket o damn it why did you leave it at home you idiot

“O right there huh?”

“Ok ok so I was talking to myself don’t pretend like you don’t do it” he retaliated

“Well why weren’t you knocking” she said through her laughter

“O what is this 20 questions” he joked tying to dodge the question

“So what can I do for you?, o and sorry about the call last night I didn’t realize how late it was I hope I didn’t wake you” she said

“Nah I couldn’t sleep anyway”

“O ok that’s good, well not that you couldn’t sleep that I didn’t wake you up its bad that you couldn’t sleep” o god stop talking you idiot argh change the subject she thought “So was there something in particular you wanted to talk about?”

“Nope just wanted to see you” damn it you idiot that’s not something you say to a friend you dumbass.

“Umm o ok” did he just say that ok he just meant as a friend not in a loving way.

“Well I was just about to go for a walk to the beach did you want to come?” she asked

“Yea that sounds good” o god I hope Sam doesn’t see

“Ok kewl lets go then” she said pushing herself off the couch and out the door please don’t let Ash see she thought to herself

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Ok so heres the next chapter thank you too everyone who reviewed :). im going to sydney for new years so i'll be away for a few days so i wont be able to update but i should update after that lol :) well i hope you like it :)


It was 6 o’clock and she still had 4 hours left on her shift but at least Ash wasn’t finishing till 8 so she wouldn’t have to see him for a while longer she was thinking about her walk with Jack and how right it felt to be hanging out with him again but it was kind of awkward she could’ve have sworn Jack was about to kiss her but then granddad came up and said hello, in a way she was glad, but in another way she could have killed him but then she thought I could have just been imagining it. He’s happy with Sam.

She was pulled out of he thoughts by Sam and Rory walking in she thought to herself o great just what I need right now her to rub in the fact that jack is with her.

“Hey Sam hey Rory what can I get for you guys?” she smiled and asked very politely

“Hey” they both said

“Just a water and what do you want Rory?”

“Umm a strawberry thickshake” he said slightly excited

“Ok one water and a strawberry thickshake coming up” she smiled and set to work

Damn her and her perfectly cute kid and for stealing my husband ok so maybe she didn’t steal him but she’s still with a married man and she just so happened to meet him straight after I left him yea right. She then started to realize how crazy her thinking had become and decided to just concentrate on the orders. She went into the storeroom to get the strawberries.

Jack had just pulled up at the bar and was thinking about his morning with Martha, how good it felt and how right it felt he couldn’t believe how close he was too kissing her but then Alf came up at that point he was slightly frustrated, but now looking back he was glad he was starting to think maybe him and Martha could get back together but he didn’t want to cheat on Sam he knew that would hurt her. He then realized even if Martha did want to get back together which he highly doubted he couldn’t he couldn’t do that to Sam and Rory he had to protect them from her crazed ex husband. He then walked into the bar and saw Sam and Rory at a booth he smiled and walked over giving Sam a kiss on the cheek and ruffling up Rorys hair.

“Hey how are you two?” he asked looking around the bar he saw Alf and Beth and was relieved that Martha wasn’t working he’d been worried about it all day. He just thought it would be awkward.

“Good, O jack last night was soo fun we camped out the back in a tent and we had army helmets and fake guns and stuff and we were rolling around and hiding in bushes and then we played a game were I was a cop like you and troy was a bad guy and I got to arrest him and stuff it was sooo cool” Rory said excitedly.

“That sounds awesome kiddo” he said

“And how was your day honey” he asked Sam


Martha then walked out of the storeroom the strawberries were right at the back and she couldn’t reach them so she had to climb up on the shelves but then she knocked a glass so she had to clean it up. She saw Jack laughing and joking with Sam and Rory and she suddenly felt the urge to scream she must have imagined the almost kiss this morning.

“I hope there just here for one drink I don’t think I can handle this much longer” She muttered

“What was that love?” Alf questioned

“O nothing just talking to myself”

Jack then turned and saw Martha “Damn it” he thought I cant believe she’s working this sucks o and damn I guess she’ll be serving us cause she’s making a strawberry thickshake and that could only be for Rory.

She walked over with the water and strawberry thickshake.

“There ya’s go” she smiled

“Hey Jack” she said trying to hide her jealously

“Hey” he replied

“Can I get you anything?” she asked

“Please say no please say no I was just about to leave” she thought

“Um yea just a beer thanks” he smiled

“O ok be right back” damn him and his stupid beer she thought

Outside the bar

“Declan, Jess hurry up” yelled a young woman called Amy

“Ok mum but when do we get to see dad” Jess questioned

“Well you guys were whingeing about being hungry and I don’t know where dad is staying so we’ll have to go to the station and see him there ok” she said slightly annoyed it had taken them 4 hours to take a 3 hour trip because one of them needed to go to the toilet 2 times each but not at the same time so that was 4 stops.

They walked into Noah’s and someone caught her eye omg it was jack.

“Jack” she cried

Jack turned around to see Ash’s highschool Girlfriend Amy

“Omg Amy what are you doing here?” He yelled back not quiet so excited last time he’d seen her she wasn’t exactly on speaking terms with ash.

“O I’m here to surprise Ash with Jess and Declan” she said

“Huh who’s Jess and Declan” he asked confused

“Our kids have you talked to Ash me and him are married, we have been for 7 years now,” she said a bit dumbfounded he didn’t know about the kids or her.

At that moment they heard a glass smashing on the ground they turned around to see Martha standing there shocked she then turned and ran out of the bar in tears. Jack bolted out after her leaving Sam there shocked and Rory playing with the coasters.

Jack caught up to Martha after she had stopped running and collapsed on the beach. He pulled her into a hug and started whispering to her

“It’s ok he’s an ass don’t waste your tears on him”

They sat there for awhile him just holding her while she cried, she then suddenly sat up and looked at Jack.

“Thank you and I’m sorry for keeping you here for so long you should get back to Sam and Rory they’ll be wondering where you are and I don’t think Sam would be too stoked about you comforting me” she said in a hushed voice

“Nah its ok she’ll understand, and besides I want to stay here with you and after I walk you home I’m going to go and kick Ash’s arse for hurting you.” He said getting angrier by the second

“No, theres no point Jack and to tell you the truth it’s not the fact that Ash has a wife that hurts so much or the fact that now clearly I’m going to break up with him”

“What well what is it?” he said confused

“Umm nothing it doesn’t matter,” she said avoiding it completely

“It matters to me” ignoring her hints to drop it “please tell me I want to know and besides you owe me I sat here with you for ages and now look at my white shirt it has two massive black stains on it and some orangey looking ones from your face” he joked

“It’s not important and it won’t change anything anyway”

“Well if its not important you won’t mind telling me”

“I didn’t really care about Ash I was never in love with him or even came close too it at first when I first met him I was upset about you I was confused when I found out you were hurt I felt horrible really bad but don’t take this the wrong way but it wasn’t as strong the hurt and pain as our wedding night and that confused me even more I thought it meant I didn’t love you anymore and then I decided I’d get really drunk and that’s when I met ash and then before I knew it it was morning and I was laying next to a random and then you yelled at me and I went and talked to granddad and he tried to explain something to me but I wouldn’t listen that’s when I came and broke it off with you and then when I saw you walking again and with Sam and Rory I felt sick and I wanted to cry but then I realized something of course my worry wasn’t going to be as and as our wedding night it was our wedding night for god sakes so many of our loved ones were hurt I don’t know how I thought it was going to be as bad. I called you last night just because I wanted to hear your voice and this morning I was thinking about ways I could bump into you and then you came over I even imagined you were freaking trying to kiss me see what I mean not important and now your probably mad at me for ruining everything” she said crying the whole time she looked at jack and he looked shocked she got up and ran as fast as she could

“Martha, Martha wait” jack called after her

She ignored him and ran all the way home and up into her room she couldn’t believe she’d just told him all that what did she think she was doing now everything was going to be different now and she would lose him even as a friend. “Wow isn’t this great” she thought to herself.

well i hope everyone liked it lol and i only just notcied how much i use the word damn lol i'll try to stop next chapter lol :P

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