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Yay! You bumped this up :D

Im glad, we dont want to neglect our beloved Jacky :)

I said it was burnt toast because if I remember rightly, the toast was already black before she put the vegitmite on :P

Who has that much vegimite on anyway :blink:

I can only stand a smidge lol

Anyhoo, Jacks getting more and more wonderful as the days go on :wub:

Who would have thought that anyone could be so perfect.

Lets cheer loud and proud for our beloved! Go SuperJacky!

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Thats only cos your from England and your all whimps :P who only put a tiny but of vegemite on their toast?

Omg so excited for tonight did he look cute or what in the preview

lol my dad puts like half the jar on his toast I never let him put vegemite on my food :lol:

I know hotness! :wub: I hope he's on tomorrow

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Was he now? I wonder if he went to Lincoln :unsure: They went to the State of Origin Sydney Match together :P I wonder if Paul is a Melbourne or Manly supporter, he lived in Melbourne for a long time, but he lives in Manly now :lol: What a pickle he's in :P Oh well :)

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