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Lost Without You

Guest Fran-Lizzie

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I'm really getting into writing at the moment so I decided to start a Home and Away fic. :D Oh yeah and I forgot to add that this contains spoilers for viewers not in Australia, unless you watch ahead :rolleyes:

Part 1

I can’t believe Ash turned out just like the rest of them. Men honestly so everyone was right. Auntie Morag, Grandad and Tony they we’re all right. It’s not like I loved him anyway, I was on the rebound that is obvious. But I still thought we had something special and then he goes and betrays me like that.

So now I’ve lost my husband, he loved me so much still I could tell that when I said it was over. I hurt me so much to say that but I just could cope with any of it anymore it wasn’t like when we we’re going out it was different and we weren’t spending anytime together anymore. He was always working and I know that wasn’t his fault but it just made me so mad.

I know he’s close to Sam now and I try to tell myself I’m not jealous I know I am. I’m jealous that Jack has feelings for her, even though they might not be anywhere near as deep as the feelings he had for me. I know he feels something for her I can tell.

I know now, that I still want him every time I see him with Sam, I feel sick to my stomach like I want to throw up. It’s not right I finished him, he deserves happiness. No he can’t he should be happy with me I know if he gave me a chance we could get back to the way it was again, couldn’t we?


So Ash turned out unreliable again and broke Martha’s heart. I know she’s very hurt about it. I’ve seen her moping around the bay when I’m out on a walk. I’m finally back on my feet and feeling better than ever. Sam is amazing she really is but I know deep down I don’t love her and that’s not fair on her I need to tell her.

I still love Martha, so much. She’s still my wife and I would love to be back together with her. But does she feel the same?

She dumped me, so I doubt she wants to be back with me again. I mean I treated her badly I know I did I was always working and we hardly spent anytime with each other. I ruined our relationship not her and I hate myself for that, I really do. I should have treated her like a princess, giving her the love and attention she deserves.

I decide to go for a walk and that’s when I see her sat down on the beach. I decide to go over and I sit down beside her.

“Hey Martha” I say smiling at her.

“Hey Jack, how are you?” She asks smiling back at me. Was I being stupid or did I still just feel this amazing spark between us?

“I’m great thanks, you?”

“I’m fine.” I can see that she’s not really looking to good but I decide not to push it. What I meant by not looking good is unwell and unhappy. She beautiful, she always looks beautiful and I love her, I know I still love her.

“Good, I’m glad to hear it.”

So after that we talked for a while and that was the first step we had started talking again and that was the first step to what I wanted, and expect she does to, I want us to get back together. I really am lost without her and I think she is too.

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