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Type of story: Long Fiction

Rating: T

Main Characters: Jade Sutherland, the other Sutherlands and other 2004 characters.

Genre: Drama

Warnings: Minor violence

Is Story being proof read:No

Summary: What would have happened if two couples of twin girls had been swapped on the hospital that night? And what if Jade was the real Sutherland?

I was discussing in another thread that Jade should have been the real Sutherland twin instead of Kirsty, so I decided to write the story as it could have been if Kirsty wasn't a Sutherland and Jade was.

I'm not that good at this, it's my first fanfic so... And also, my English might not be that good, as English is not my mother tongue.

Hope you like it!

The first chapter takes part at Robbie&Hayley's birthday party where Duncan has invited a lot of people. The Sutherlands have only met Mr and Mrs DeGroot. They have gone back to the city and so has Shelley.


Chapter 1

The music was loud, and the dancefloor was crowded. Jade Sutherland was making her way throught the crowd, looking for her sister Kirsty. Every time she though of Kirsty as her sister she had to stop for a second and wonder if it was right to think that. Even though Jade now knew that Kirsty wasn't her real sister it still felt like she was. Maybe these things didn't have anything to do with bilogical matters? Maybe all that twin telepaty stuff wasn't something they had just imagined. She had always thought it was real until she learned the truth about the night they we're born, but started thinking it had just been their imagination. But the memories from the mudslide kept coming back to her. What if the twin telepaty was something they had developed, not something they were born with?

A silly mixup at the hospital the 27th of November 17 years ago had changed everything.

Two couples of twin girls were born that night; the Sutherlands and the The DeGroots.

Three days later the DeGroots left the hospital with their daughters, or at least who they thought were their daughters. In reality the girls was Laura DeGroot and the girl who was supposed to be named Kirsty Sutherland, but ended up growing up as Katie DeGroot.

For more than 17 years Katie and Laura DeGroot grew up side by side, and so did Jade and Kirsty Sutherland.

The mixup was discovered less than a month ago when the DeGroots needed a donor for the twins cousin Debby who suffered from Berger's disease.

Laura and Katie were tested but the couldn't be donors. But the test also told them something else; they weren't related.

Jade sighed, the whole story was so unbelievable. It felt so unreal, but at the same time so real.

She could see Kirsty over at the other side of the dancefloor. When she looked at her now she couldn't see how she could ever think they were twins. They looked nothing like each other!

But on the other hand, if she told herself they were twins she could see how they looked like each other. Maybe if she looked closely on everyone in the world she would see that she looked a little like everyone? At the moment it felt like her head was gonna explode with all the thoughts about this whole situation.

She could only imagine how Kirsty was feeling. She had just found out her family wasn't her real family.

Jade walked over to the table where Kirsty was standing.

"Hi" she said, suddenly realizing she had nothing to talk about.

"Hi" Kirsty replied. "I just got a call from mom."

"What did she say?"

"She wants me to come to the City and stay with her for some time."

"Why?" a feeling something not that good was going on was growing inside Jade.

"She thought I could need some time off from Summer Bay, concidering the whole situation. Plus, the DeGroots are living in the City."

"Mom wants you to meet the DeGroots?" Jade was shocked.

"No, I mean..." Kirsty hesitated, "I want to meet them, and mom supports me if that's what I want."

"Why do you want to meet them?"

Kirsty rolled her eyes. "I just found out I've been living a life I wasn't supposed to be living for over 17 years. Now I wanna meet my real family!"

"WE are your real family, Kirsty" Jade cried, "Me and Dani and mom and dad and Max. Even Beth and Scott and Kit and Robbie and the twins!"

"I thought you of all people would understand! If you don't understand me that's just another thing making me think how we could not know we weren't real twins!"

Jade just stared at her, she couldn'r think of anything to say, Kirsty looked so angry.

"Kirst, I'm sorry, I just..." Jade tried but Kirsty cut her off, suprisingly with an apologie.

"No, I'M sorry, Jade... I guess what I was trying to say was why don't you wanna meet Katie? After all she is your sister."

Jade shook her head. "No, she's not. You're my sister, Katie and I just happen to be related."

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Chapter 2

"Do you want some pancakes, honey?"

"Yes please."

"Where's my science book?"

"Mom, could you sign this?"

"Kirsty, what are you doing here?" Beth said. Kirsty had just arrived the Sutherland-kitchen where everyone was bust getting ready for school.

"I think I left my cell here last night and I need it"

Kirsty tried to smile and escaped from the family and into the living room. Everyone kept telling her she still was a part of the family, so why didn't it feel like she was?

She went over to the couch and started looking behind the pillows when something on the table catched her eye. It was a photo of her, Jade and Dani taken right before Nick's farewell-party. The frame said "SISTERS & BEST FRIENDS"

Kirsty couldn't stop staring at it.

"Kirsty, I found it!" Max yelled from the kitchen.

Kirsty didn't answer, she just kept staring at the photo.

"Kirsty, are you all right?" Max was in the living room now. Kirsty forced herself to look up, trying to hide the tears in her eyes.

"Yes, Max, I'm fine" she said.

Jade closed her locker. She was the last student left at Summer Bay High, and the sound of the closing locker sounded so much louder than it really was.

As she left the school she was thinking about the student council meeting. It was the first time in many days she had been able to think about anything but the DeGroots.

The weather wasn't as good as it had been when she left the Caravan Park this morning. It looked like it would be raining soom, and Jade speeded up. She could see Colleen about 50 feet in front of her, and knew passing by her would mean having to stop to have a long, good chat about the latest family events. Jade really didn't feel like sharing her feelings on the subject right now. To be honest she didn't know what her feelings on the subject was at the moment. Her talk with Kirsty at the party less than a week ago had really made her insecure about what to feel.

She tried to find a way to avoid Colleen. After some quick thinking she realized her best choice would be to walk the beachway home. That would take longer, and if the rain decided to come she wouldn't be home before it started, but she'd rather be wet than have to share her feelings with Colleen right now.

Jade turned left and walked down to the beach, trying to make it look like she wanted to go to the beach.

She speeded up again, looking at the skies, hoping she'd get home before it started raining.

She could hear someone behind her, had Colleen followed her? The someone called her name, but it wasn't Colleen. It was even worse.

"Jade, JADE! WAIT!"

Jade turned around, trying not to roll her eyes.

"What do you want, Kane?" she said.

"I need to talk to you about this whole situation."

"I don't wanna talk to you, Kane." Jade tried, but Kane wouldn't give up that easy. He walked up in front of her and blocked her way. For a moment Jade got a creepy feeling, remembering what Kane once did to Dani.

"Just give me five minutes!" He said.

"NO, Kane" she replied, "I'm busy, and I don't wanna talk to you!"

Without looking back she walked past him and headed home to the caravan park, leaving Kane alone at the beach.

As Jade made it home when the first raindrop fell Kane was walking at the beach. He didn't even notice the rain, he just tried to think of a way he could talk to Jade. All he wanted to say was that she had to support her, not only by telling her everything would be okay but also by hanging out with her as she used to.

Back at Irene's Tasha and Robbie were in the living room.

"Is Kirsty here?" Kane asked.

"I think she's in your room. We just came back from the Caravan Park so we haven't seen her" Tasha answered.

Kane found Kirsty in their room where she was going through the closet. He kissed her before he realized she was packing.

"What's going on, babe?" he asked, "Why are you packing?"

"I've made up my mind" Kirsty said. Kane just looked at her, he didn't understand.

Kirsty took a deep breath,

"I'm going to the City, Kane..."

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Chapter 3

"You're going to the City?" Kane stared at his wife.

"Yes, I'm gonna stay with my mom for some time, and maybe visit the DeGroots."

"I'll go with you!" It was the first thing that fell into Kane's head.

"No, you're not" Kirsty replied, "It's just for a couple of days, maybe a week..."

"No, no way I'll let you go to the city alone, bad thing always happen when you go to the City!"

"No, they don't! I didn't lose the baby when I was there last time, there was no baby!" Kirsty bit her lip. How could she have been so stupid bringing her own betrayal up again?

"Kane... I'm sorry..." she began.

"Nevermind" Kane said, "But this time you're pregnant for real, and I don't want anything to happen to you or the baby."

Kirsty sighed, "Why can't you let me handle this my own way, Kane?"

"I'm just worried. This is big stuff, babe, you shouldn't deal with this until we know the baby is gonna be all right."

"I'm gonna be fine, I just need to deal with this now before it gets too big and scary. Let me go to the City alone."

Kane sighed, he didn't want to let Kirsty go to the City alone, but on the other hand he didn't like to go against Kirsty's will.

Jade woke up with her head in her homework. She was so tired from several sleepless nights and had falled asleep in the middle of an English essay.

All of a sudden she realized why she woke up. Someone had closed the entrance door, and that someone was now standing in the kitchen.

"Kane? What are you doing, Kirsty's not here?" she said, trying hard not to think about what he did to Dani. Why did he keep on contacting him when no one else was around.

"Well, you wouldn't talk to me at the beach, so I came to see you." he said.

"I don't wanna talk to you, Kane!" Jade replied.

"You know, I actually thought we we're okay, that you had accepted me, but that was just because you felt like you had to wasn't it?" Kane was growing angrier.

"But now that you found out Kirsty isn't your real sister you can just go back to hating me for what I did to your real sister, is that what this is all about?!"

Jade swallowed. "Kirsty is still my sister, Kane, nothing can change that!" she said.

"Then why can't you give me a couple of minutes of your precious time? We actually have something in common here, Jade," he said, "we both care about Kirsty, and I need to talk to you about her!"

Jade swallowed again.

"Okay, what do you want to talk about?" she said.

"You need to support her more" he replied, not wasting any time on small-talk.

"What?" Jade said, hurt by the fact that Kane didn't think she cared enough.

"Kirsty is going to the City to meet the DeGroots"

Jade was shocked.

"She's going to the City?"

"Yes," he said, "and if you don't start supporting her a little more she will keep thinking she's no longer a part of this family, and she might leave Summer Bay to live in the City!"

"I DO support her!" Jade cried, "I keep telling her she's still my sister, and that she'll always be a part of this family!"

"Well how would you feel," Kane replied, "if Kirsty was the real Sutherland, and she kept telling you you'd always be a part of the family, but at the same time she never spent any time with you?"

Jade was crying now, why couldn't he understand that this was hard on her too?

"It IS hard for me," she said, "Kirsty has always been my twin sister and suddenly she's not, and everyone expects me to welcome my new twin sister Katie! Katie is not my sister, and she never will."

They just looked at each other for a second, and all the anger seemed to fade.

"I don't like that Kirsty wants to meet Laura, I want things to go back to how they were..." Jade sighed.

"Kirsty is lucky to have you, you really care about her." she said.

"Well, you have Seb, right...?" Kane asked.

"Like you he seems to think Kirsty is the only one everyone should feel sorry for. My whole family thinks so."

Later Kane left the Sutherland house, heading over to the Palace. He knocked on the door, and Scott opened.

"Is Dani home?" Kane asked, "I need to talk to her about Jade and Kirsty..."

While Scott let him in Kane couldn't help thinking how ironic it was that it seemed like he was the only one really fighting to keep the Sutherland family from falling apart.

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Thank you! I have more, but I kinda have to do my homework first... :P I have to have an English paper ready by tomorrow, and I just started on it... The book is laying on the bed screaming for my attention, so I don't have time to upload more chapters right now lol :P

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