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Jade was my second favourite Sutherland (Dani being first). She was a great actress and so much more interesting than Kirsty. She was very well portrayed and i wish the Home and Away writers had focused more on her than that nightmare she called her twin. Even when it looked like she had finally been given a big storyline of her own (the switched at birth thing), the writers twisted it so it became more about Kirsty and how hard it must be for Christie Hayes to play two roles, meaning poor Jade and Kate were overshadowed yet again.

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I always wanted Jade to be the real Sutherland and Kirsty was switched at birth, that way Kirsty may have moved to the city to see her real family and not come back. :lol::D

I agree!!

I think Kirsty was okay, but Jade was waaaay better!

Didn't she have one big storyline though? That bulimia storyline in 2001 (?) right after the Sutherlands arrived? I don't know how big it was because that was before I started watching HAA more than just an episode every now and then.

Another thing I didn't like was that the writers always made Jade date Kirsty's leftovers. Wasn't Nick and Seb the only two relationships Jade had? And both of them was after Kirsty had dated them...

By the way, if you want to you can check out my Jade avatar here it's on the first page of the thread I think.

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I didn't really like the Sutherlands (except Dani), although Jade was better than Kirsty, but i did like the Jade and Nick relationship. I agree about Jade getting Kirsty's leftovers as well. I think Jade was so overshadowed as a character by her siblings, (especially Kirsty).


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I actually disliked the storyline with Kirsty being the real Sutherland so much I decided to rewrite the story as I think it could have been if Jade was the real Sutherland. A link (The fanfic is called Sisters) is in my signature.

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