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  1. Heisann. Gøy med flere nordmenn her. :D

    Gratulerer med dagen som var :)

  2. Enda en nordmann gitt.. :D

  3. Glem det, jeg fant det ut. *føler seg smart* :P

  4. Skjønner ikke hvordan jeg legger deg til som venn jeg. *føler seg dum*

  5. Heei! Alltid gøy å se at det finnes andre Home and Away fans :) Hehe. Ja jeg kan se at vi liker mange av de samme tv programmene, tror faktisk jeg liker deg også :D

  6. Yay. The bossman has visited my profile :D

  7. Yay. En nordmann til gitt.. Også liker du Buffy :D Og mange andre serier jeg liker. Jeg tror jeg liker deg gitt..

  8. I love your new avatar Cal :)

  9. The last chapter??? This story has been briliantly written. Though I didn`t like the outcome (sp?) much (I started reading cause I thought it was an alternative story to KK being together, witch it was at the beginning), but it was so well written that I kind of felt okey with KK ending up together again. Though I really felt sorry for Claire. I`ve really really enjoyed reading your story Anette. Please write a new one soon
  10. Briliant Anette. I`m really glad Claire found out. This whole thing wasn`t fair to her. And poor Dani had to see Kirsty and Kane together again. I hope Kirsty makes the right decision this time though. Stupid Kane defends Kirsty in such an argument. That was so not suitable.
  11. Thanks for the episodes Dan. It was fun seeing the old characters again.
  12. A great new chapter Anette. Please update soon, I really wanna know what happens next
  13. Great chapter Anette. You just wright so catching. I can`t stop reading.
  14. Great chapter Anette. Very sad. I have no idea what I want anymore. It`s not fair to Claire if Kane stays just because of the baby, but I really don`t want Kane and Kirsty to get together either. Don`t know why. Looking forward to the next update
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