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Life Is Hard No Matter What Your Age

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Story Title: Life Is Hard No Matter What Your Age

Type of Story: Long fic

Rating: A

Main Characters: Tony, Jack and Lucas

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warning: Slight Sexual References

Proof reading: No

Summary: The Holdens have just moved to the bay, where they will all find love, friendship and sorrow. Told from all the Holdens points of view.

Life is hard. No matter what your age.

Chapter 1 - Moving

Tony's P O V

I didnt know if I was making the right decision moving my family to the bay but I needed to get them away from the city. I dont think living there suited any of us really.

Jack my eldest son seems to cope well living there but I guess at 22 anywhere is fun. He enjoys his job as a policeman but he has no idea how churned up I get inside when he leaves for work, just sat waiting for that phone call that says something has happened to him. Dont get me wrong Im proud of his career choice, but after losing my wife the thought of losing anyone else terrifies me.

I guess that why I havent been close to a woman since Katie died 16 years ago. It hurts so much losing the love of your life. I dont want to ever go through anything like that again.

I think the move is the best thing for my youngest son Lucas. he is 16 and really quiet. he doesnt have many friends in the city but I think he likes it that way. He is a grade A student and seems to enjoy learning, after he has done his homework each night he just hangs with me or Jack. Maybe not having his mum around had made him cling to us more.

Maybe moving to Summer Bay will help him find his own identity. Maybe the move will help all of us overcome our problems.

Jack's P O V

Driving to our new house, I look around its pretty dont get me wrong but it doenst look like there will be any action here. I mean for my job. I didnt become a cop to write tickets and push paper around, but from the looks of this town that is exactly what I was going to do.

I had to come though when Dad got the job offer, he thought it would be good for him and for Lucas my kid brother and if it made them happy then who was I to stand in the way. I would do anything for them.

I look over at my brother in the passenger seat. I wonder if he even cares where we live, I think as long as he can be near us, he would live anywhere. I worry about him sometimes, he needs to hang with people his own age, girls even not that he has ever shown any interest in them.

Maybe this town could be a good place for him and Dad. A place for all of us to make a fresh start.

Lucas's P O V

I like the look of this place it has a tranquility to it that seems to fit my personality. I know my dad and brother think Im shy and dont want to socialise with kids my own age but its not that. Its just the kids in the city were, well to be honest dull, they had nothing that interested me. Does that make me sound arrogant? I dont mean to be. I just want to meet interesting people.

I watch as my dad drives in front of us. I hope this place make him happy, I think he is lonely even though he never says so. Thats why I spend so much time with him he has devoted his life to me and Jack since our mum died, now its time for him to live.

I look at my brother driving, I dont think he really wanted to move here but he would never say so. If dad wanted to, thats it we all go. Holden guys sticking together like we always did.

I hope they find happiness here they both deserve it. I hope we all do.

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