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Life Is Hard No Matter What Your Age

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Thanks everyone, here is the next chapter.

Chapter 3 - Conversation.

Jack's P O V

I run out of the surf and collapse on the sand. "Now that was amazing" I say to Lucas as he collapses next to me. He nods completely out of breath.

Its our first morning in the bay and If I can start everyday like this then I will be a really happy man. I lay back in the sand and I see her, running out of the water.

"Its the blonde girl from yesterday" I say to Lucas. He pays no attention to me.

I sit up so I can see her better. Watching her its like there is some sort of innocence about her that is drawing me in. She notices me looking at her and waves. I smile back at her.

"What have I got lose" I say to my brother who carries on ignoring me. I take a deep breath and walk over to her.

Lucas's P O V

I watch Jack approach her and five minutes later they are both laughing. I have no idea how he does it, but he always has. I kind of want to warn her that it wont go anywhere, that Jack doesnt do relationships, not anymore, not since he got his heartbroken a couple of years ago. She looks nice the girl he is talking to and I feel bad for not saying anything but he is my brother and if going from girl to girl makes him happy then what can I say. Although I dont really believe it does make him happy.

I get up leaving Jack to it and I see her sitting further down the beach, she's alone and for some stupid reason I decide to be like Jack and take the bull by the horns so to speak.

Jack's P O V

Her name is Tasha and she's got a boyfriend but she is fun and easy to talk to and at least Ive made a friend. We chat easily and I notice Lucas leaving, but he's walking the wrong way. I look to see where he is going.

"Oh God" I say. Tash looks at me weirdly. "Thats my brother" i saypointing towards Lucas " and from what I can tell he is about to talk to the girl he likes and if you knew my brother then you would know how huge this is. Wait until I tell my dad." I say.

I watch as Lucas sits down next to her and a smile appears on his face, I feel really proud watching him and that may seem strange but I know it must have taken a lot for him to do that.

Tash says she has to leave, but she invites me to a party that evening its her friends birthday.

"It will be great" she says" Will you come?"

"yea sure thanks" I say as she walks off, its a shame she is taken, but hey there are plenty more fish in the sea.

Lucas's P O V

I find it really easy talking to her but I cant bring myself to say what I want to. I have never asked a girl out before. Ive never wanted to all the girls in the city wore too much make up and werent interested in who they were dating as long as they had someone to take them out.

"I should be getting home" she says "Mum is expecting me"

"Ok well I'll walk back with you" I say standing up. I put my hand out to help her up and she grabs it. She smiles at me as we start walking but she doesnt let go of my hand. We get to our houses. I really dont want her to go in but I know she will. This is my only chance so why cant i say anything, I let go of her hand and smile, god why am I so nervous. I know I can do this, I want to do this.

"matilda, would you like to come out with me tonight" I blurt out. God my hands are sweaty. Im a complete mess.

"You mean a date?" She says sounding almost as nervous as me.

I nod as I cant speak. I really hope I havent been a complete idiot and got everything wrong. This is all new to me.

"Yes, I would love to" She says "Come get me at 7" she walks off into herhouse and I go into mine pratically floating.

Tony's P O V

Both of my sons have come back from their surf grinning, and Luc has just asked if he can go out tonight, something is going on. Luc is in the bathroom and it seems like he will be there for a while, Im more than suspicious.

"Jack" I shout "Come here mate." He walks in still smiling. "Do you know where Lucas is going tonight"

He smiles at me strangely. "The last time I saw him dad, he was talking to the girl next door so I will go out on a limb and say the youngest Holden has his first date. Jack laughs as he walks off and I can tell there will be an afternoon of teasing ahead.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off me, even if his date doesnt go well at least he is taking an interest in people his own age. Maybe moving here was a good thing, if it puts smiles on my boys faces. Shame I havent got a smile on my own and for some reason I start thinking of Beth Hunter.

That is so cute I am sure Beth is thinking about Tony Holden and then one day it will be Beth and Tony :wub:

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Yaaaay, great chapter. Haha, know i know why i said yay, Jack is going to go to Marthas party and they'll hook up :lol: It is Martha's party right? Im just guessing :P Great chapter though. Luc is so cute, and so is Tony

Please update soon :D

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Yay lots of chapters to read. I'm really getting into this story but you're a coward Tash backing off from a good bit of contraversial J/T! :P Only kidding, great updates, it's great seeing this from the different point of views and the Holden boys are well cute! Gtreat work.xx

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