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It is definitely a pain sometimes when you are halfway through writing a fic, and then...BAM! All your muse and inspiration is gone. You end up being nagged by readers for days to update, and then you feel like your chapters are just...missing something. <_<

Happening to you?!

Well, I thought it might be a good idea if writers are feeling a bit stuck, that they can come here for some helpful advice. There is the proof reading system, so this will be different. You just ask for simple ideas on a particular topic or, even discuss different techniques of writing. :)

Does anyone get what I mean? I just thought it might be helpful to get some help from other writers. :)

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I personally don't think it matters because it helps keep the story interesting. But it depends on other people. I personally wouldn't mind. :)

I guess if it's done in a creative way and it flows then it should be okay.

I hope what I'm saying is making sense. Feel free to tell me if it isn't. :)

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I don't think so, but really I would have to see the two styles. I mean it might be subtle change in the style through the story in which case that's kinda just your writing maturing but I wouldn't advise major style change. Ideally I would say if you want to write in a different style then do it in a new fic. :)

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Oh I love this thread idea... you basically described the middle of every one of my stories!

As for changing the style, is it as subtle as the way things are described/how you use your language as opposed to changing tense/person... because changing tense and person would be completely confusing, where as changing the way words are used to describe events can be refreshing for a story :)

Does that make any sense at all?

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I agree with you, this thread is a really good idea. I can't tell you how many times I suffer from witers block. I have a tendacy to start a story or fic with an idea in mind. Then I decide I don't like it, so I end up with writers block because I can't figue what to do, and I end up starting a whole new one. Hopefully, this thread will help me for assistance in future. :wink:

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