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A Forgotten Danger

Guest -Annie-

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Well I've finally decided to post this fic. :D It's only my second one, so bare with me here! Please give me any advice or criticism. Seriously, be mean! Just be fair! :D Ready away my darlings...

Type of story: long fiction.

Rating: T

Main Characters: Martha and Jack.

Genre: A mixture of drama and romance.

Warnings: Some adult themes.

Is Story being proof read: Yes

Summary: Things are not going well for Jack and Martha. Jack thinks Martha has left him, but what's the real reason for Martha's absence?

Chapter One

An excited Martha stood in front of the mirror, applying a layer of lipgloss to her lips. Her heart was racing and she had a strange urge to giggle like a love-struck teenager. She had half a mind to call up Tasha to gossip about her feelings. But no, she was a mature adult looking forward to spending a romantic night with her husband…

'Get a grip Martha!' she thought. 'He’ll be home soon.'

With a last anxious glance at her reflection, Martha walked to living room to light the crimson candles that would soon illuminate the decorated room. The whole room was sprinkled with pink confetti, much like the way she left it for their honeymoon surprise a few months ago. Unfortunately, that ‘romantic’ evening didn’t go quite to plan!

As the dining room clock chimed, Martha took a frustrated glance at her watch. 8.07.

'It’s okay, he’s only a little bit late,' thought Martha. 'He wouldn’t miss this evening! Would he? True, he’d missed the last few times, but surely not this one!' Not fully convinced, Martha plonked herself onto the couch and turned on the T.V.

Meanwhile, at the Police Station, Jack Holden neatly stacked the growing mound of paper on his deck. His watch glowed 8.10.

'Damn,' he thought, 'Martha’s gonna be annoyed if I’m late again!'

As he picked up his police cap from the desk, the phone rang.

“Fitzy! Can you answer that please?!” Jack called. However, Fitzy’s voice didn’t reply.

“Fitzy is out on a case Holden. Get your lazy butt together, and answer the bloody phone!” grunted the Seargent.

“But Searg, Martha’s waiting for me at home, she’ll be devastated if I don’t make it home in time,” whined Jack. As the Seargent McGrah’s large gut peered around the door, followed by his bulging face, Jack knew he had said the wrong answer.

“Constable,” glared McGrah., “I don’t give a damn about your love life. Answer that phone before it stops ringing!”

With a roll of his eyes, Jack picked up the portable landline.

“Yabbie Creek Police Station. Constable Holden speaking,” he said.

A single tear fell rolled down Martha’s bronzed cheek as she read the time on the clock. 10.45. Jack was almost three hours late.

'Why does he keep doing this? This is the third dinner he has stood me up!' thought Martha. 'I’m not his priority; all he ever does is work, work, work.'

"Bloody shoot-outs! Why exactly does a drunk man decide to beat up a gang of teenagers, only armed with a toothpick?! And why does McGrah decide to assign me to stop it?! " groaned Jack. "Martha is gonna be furious!" As Jack neared a red-light in his car, he smashed a frustrated fist onto the horn.

Martha could hear the click of the lock and the screech of an open door as she lay in their bed. She had purposely left all the decorations and food out, just to make Jack feel that extra bit guilty. He deserved it.

Jack’s heart sank as he looked around the room, decorated with Valentines Day decorations. This time he knew Martha would not forgive him. He slowly padded into the bedroom and peered down at Martha apparently laying asleep. He could see the tears still glistening on her reddened face. With a desperate sigh, Jack began undressing and slipped into bed next to her.

Next time: Is this the last straw for Martha?

Review away! :D

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