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Just A Dream

Guest matty and luke forever

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This is my first home and away fic so please read and review!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

Living the dream


“Daddy, don’t go!!!!” she screamed pulling on his hand “Don’t leave”

“I need to princess, you stay here with mummy” he said to her softly


In the room the machines began to beep, nurses and doctors started running towards the room, she looked up at her sister who was beginning to look worried and was biting her nails.

Scott walked out of the room looking upset and shocked.

Robbie looked at him and immediately knew but Matilda and Henry didn’t. They were alone no-one would tell them.

“Scott?” she asked softly

He walked towards her taking her hand and looking between her and Henry he sighed heavily “Remember when Dad told you that soon he would have to come into hospital? Well em…….Dad’s gone” he finished biting his top lip.

“What?” Henry asked behind her

“Dad died”


“Do not stand at my grave and weep,

I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow.

I am the diamond glint on snow.

I am the sunlight on ripened grain.

I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you wake in the morning hush,

I am the swift, uplifting rush

of quiet birds in circling flight.

I am the soft starlight at night.

Do not stand at my grave and weep.

I am not there, I do not sleep.

Do not stand at my grave and cry.

I am not there, I did not die!”

She tightly closed her eyes, trying to block it all out……


…… She awoke, sweating and breathless. This was the 3rd time this week she had had that dream. She could here the birds outside singing. She had to stop this.


“Morning” Tony said as he played with the bacon in the pan

“Eh…… Hi” Mattie answered looking under the papers and sighing

“Lost something?” he laughed

“Uh….. No, Where’s everyone?” she asked

“Jack and Luke are away surfing and your mum is in the shower…..” he turned round to find his step-daughter raiding through the wicker basket with the magazines in it “…What are you doing?!”

“I’ve lost the necklace that my dad gave me” she answered with her tongue in her cheek and looking as if she was about to cry.

“Do you mean this one?” Tony said walking towards her with the necklace in hand.

“Where did you find it?” she nearly screamed

“You left it lying on the table last night; you should really keep a watch on that”

“Thanks, I going out for a walk” she said quietly


“Hey” the boys said in unison

“Hi, breakfast up” Tony shouted

“Nice” Jack answered sitting down.

The boys, Beth, Tony and Robbie took their seats at the table. Robbie looked up and noticed that his little sister wasn’t at the table.

“Mum, Where’s Mattie?” he asked

“She went a walk about half an hour ago, haven’t seen her since” Tony answered after a mouthful of bacon.


Matilda walked along the beach the sand was warm on her feet as it rubbed softly through her toes. Her eyes looked out to sea, everything over the last year had really hit home, Diesel, Callan, being abducted but then there was Luke, her Luke, he had been there for her when she needed to talk or just needed a hug, he was there. But he had been so out of it lately and she couldn’t figure why.

As she turned round towards the rock to the west of the beach she saw someone in a red jacket climb over them. She froze. She tried to gather her thoughts, ‘It couldn’t be, could it’ was all she could think. She closed her eyes tightly, praying that it they were playing tricks on her. As she opened her eyes he was gone. She looked down at her hands which were shaking with fear, she had to know, and she began sprinting towards the rock. She finally got to the rocks and began to climb, it was a major change from the soft sand and she could feel the sharp rocks begin to cut her feet. But she didn’t care, just this one time she needed to know.

She made it to the top of the rocks and looked around no-one was there. ‘Well, Matilda what do you expect at 9am on a Saturday morning’ she thought to herself. She bent over putting her hands on her knees and breathing heavily. This is point when she wished she didn’t have asthma. It was then that she noticed it, that red jacket; she ran over to it and picked it up. Memories that she didn’t want to come back, came back. The parties, the Marijuana, Robbie’s car, being in hospital, then him on top of her. She could remember Ric’s and Mr. Stewart’s voices and being locked in a shed. Seeing Martha, Scott and Kim, screaming for them to help her but they didn’t, they could hear her. She wanted to scream now but nothing came out.

“Well, at least it was you who found my jacket” she heard from behind her

She turned round and was stunned into silence. Right behind was the one person she really never wanted to see. Ric’s worst enemy and her worst nightmare. She opened her mouth again.

“Hey, Mattie.” Callan stated


Tell me what you think



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Chapter 2



Matilda stood in silence, hoping, praying almost that this was a dream- she had been having some weird ones these days-but the only problem was she knew it wasn’t.

Almost robotically handing his jacket to him she said “What are you doing here?” her voice shaking with fear.

“I came to see you, of course” he said smugly taking the jacket off her.

“I….” she started trying to think of what to say “…I need to go” came out and began to walk quickly over the rocks and back towards the beach not looking back.


When she got home Ric and Cassie were already there. Tony was in the lounge helping her mum with the cases.

“Hi, love. You nearly missed me leaving.” Her mum stated looking at the cases.

“Sorry, lost track of time” Matilda said quietly

“Talking about tracks, we better start making them” Tony said

“Okay, well, oh come here you” Beth sighed hugging Matilda “I’ll see you soon, be good for Tony and don’t go getting any crazy ideas. Okay?”

“Yep. I love you” Matilda answered into her ear


Once they had waved Beth and Tony goodbye. The 4 teenagers made their way back into the house, Ric, Cassie and Luke sat on the couch and were talking about some girl at school. Mattie made her way over to the kitchen. She tried so hard to listen to what they were talking about but she couldn’t tune in everything came back to one thing. Callan. Her thoughts were disturbed by Cassie’s high voice.

“Mattie’s quiet today” she stated

“I know ohhh….. Luke maybe she has a toy boy” Ric laughed

Neither of them got an answer, Mattie bit her lip and turned round slowly.

“If you must know Ric, I don’t have a ‘toy boy’, and the reason why I so quiet is because the guy who drugged me and tried to rape me is back. So d’you what I think?

I have the tiniest bit of a reason to be quiet!” she almost screamed as she stormed out of the house and made her way to the beach leaving a very stunned group of friends reeling.


Sorry it short. R AND R please !!!!!!!!!!!


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this is great well done! I never usually read Matilda and Lucas fanfics because they're not up there with my favourite characters but Jess (sevenpuddings) has changed all that and I find myself actually becoming a Matilda fan! This is a great idea and really well written, looking forward to the next installment.

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