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Supernatural: Discussion Thread (Possible Spoilers)

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From TV.Com:


Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers who travel the country looking for their missing father and battling evil spirits along the way.

Season 1 Episode List (Spoilers):

1.01 Pilot

1.02 The Wendigo

1.03 Dead In The Water

1.04 Phantom Traveller

1.05 Bloody Mary

1.06 Skin

1.07 Hookman

1.08 Bugs

1.09 Home

1.10 Asylum

1.11 Scarecrow

1.12 Faith

1.13 Route 666

1.14 Nightmare

1.15 The Benders

1.16 Shadow

1.17 Hell House

1.18 Something Wicked

1.19 Provenence

1.20 Dead Mans Blood

1.21 TBA

1.22 TBA (Season Finale)

Personally, I think this is one of the best new shows to hit TV in the last couple of years. Im hooked already.

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We have it here in Canada, didn't think it would make overseas with its popularity. Some very good episodes so far, I am very interested to see if it will last more than one season. Many people here feel like Supernatural is this year's version of Jack and Bobby, which was very popular show that ultimately got cancelled after 1 season.

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Episode 5 is on tonight and tomorrow. I haven't been this obsessed about a show since Buffy!

Last week I nearly missed out on watching ep 4, thanks to crappy freeview and a messed up videotape. Because of this I cried for about an hour :lol:

A absolutely adore Jensen Ackles as Dean. The character reminds me of Alec in Dark Angel(played by Jensen). The smartass with a heart.

And yes, I admit to seeing the incest subtext. It's a guilty pleasure but it seems I'm not alone with that. Loads of slash fics have spung up based on Sam/Dean :lol:

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I love this show as well, hooked since day one! Like Tainted Muse, Dean also reminds me of Alec from Dark Angel - i love all his smart comments. Sam is such a sweetie-pie!

When my brother wouldn't let me watch this show on his freeview, i was so upset, until i found out it was repeated on Channel 3 the next day.

So many Buffy/Angel stars are in the mix as well, Amy Acker was in the last shown UK episode, Julie Benz is in the final one (?) of the series. (My favourite actress)

I hope this contrinues. By the way, i found out that the cell phone number for Sam and Dean's dad, and Dean's phone, is a real number. It was set up by the network and people have been calling it and leaving messages about how much they love the show!


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I guess this show is good for a laugh, but I'm certainly not hooked (not an intentional pun, but I'll wear it :P).

I've watched a few eps here and there and it's just left me rather cold. Sorry to say I missed the Amy Acker one :(. I'll attempt to be alert and ready for Julie Benz.

The lead boys, god bless them, are trying to carry the show but it's just too badly written for me to get into. I mean some of the dialogue is snappy, but the plots...eh. From what I've seen, it's like the X-Files if no one bothered to research anything. Sorry. They just take a few too many unexplained liberties for my liking.

We just had the Hookman episode tonight in Aus. I felt like going and hiring out Urban Legend to fill in the blanks and make sense of what was going on (seeing as how it was a pretty blatant rip-off of that movie with a little spiritual twist to avoid the lawyers, no doubt :rolleyes:). As it is, I'm making do with I Know What You Did Last Summer. The first scene of that explained more to me than the whole episode of Supernatural managed.

Sorry again for being so blunt about a show you all seem to adore, but as a fan of the paranormal, this show just feels insulting to my intelligence. Maybe I'm taking it all too seriously.

Also, I'm pretty sure silver isn't the answer to everything, lol.

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... But I'm not in it for the storylines, I'm in it for Jensen 'The Pretty' Ackles. And the BroYay.

Oh yeah and the ass kicking. Although I am disappointed that there hasn't been many fights since the Pilot, where the brothers fight :wub:

Best. Scene. Ever.

Yes, there are puddles deeper than me but I don't care.

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I'm also not very deep. I was devastated when i thought Jensen was engaged. Take a deep breath, he's not. Someone just made up that horrible rumour :angry: Jared's engaged though.

A photo of them maybe getting a little too close: :wink:





xxxx :D

EDIT TO MISTAKE IN EARLIER POST: Julie Benz is in episode 1.12 "Faith" (how ironic :lol: ) not the final one.

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