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  1. It's 30 degrees outside today, so pretty warm, i'm gonna get out there and enjoy it because it's supposed to rain on the weekend but they always say it's gonna rain here in Perth and then it hardly ever does.
  2. ^ Ditto that movie is awesome. Last one i watched though was Step Up, i thought it was heaps good.
  3. Just listened to Fallout Boy "Dance Dance"
  4. Fall Out Boy-Grand Theft Autumn (sp?)
  5. Yeah i'm from Perth, but no our state is not always sunny, i wish it was though, sometimes it will be cold and windy(like yesterday) but the sun is still out but during winter it gets cloudy and wet and miserable and we have thunder and lighting storms just like all the other states. Sometimes we get really bad down pour as well, which i suppose is good in the long run for the water shortage.
  6. Haven't been outiside yet but looks kinda sunny, but it's probably like yesterday and sunny but still a bit cold and windy
  7. I dont know if it's a movie or not but i watched Chris Rock: Bigger and Blacker (i think that's what it's called) i cant believe he made it in 1999, he still looks exactly the same to me. Plus i watched Bad Boys 2 for about the 50th time as well, i love that movie, cracks me up everytime, the best part is when they are at the door talking to his daughter's date, that's hilarious
  8. I'm obsessed with the Artic Monkey's so at the moment its- Dancing Shoes
  9. I watched Prime on Dvd i thought it was pretty good, the guy in it (Bryan Greenberg) is a hottie and i know i've seen him in something before i just cant think what, damn i hate when that happens. Anyway I watched The Wedding Singer on dvd this morning for like the 50th time i love that movie its so funny
  10. I watched the 40 year old Virgin the other day. I loved it i thought it was hilarious
  11. That is my all time favourite movie! Lol just thought i'd add that
  12. I just walked outiside and its so hot. Tomorrow is supposed to be 32 and thunder storms!
  13. Today is another good day, its not as hot and there is a nice breeze i think its like 27-29 degrees today in Perth
  14. Its really hot here in Perth today, just got back from the beach, the water was beautiful!
  15. I know its a bit late but Go Lleyton!! I'm so glad he won
  16. I found it very entertaining i loved all the American Pie movies, but my fave was the wedding cause their was so much stiffler LoL love him! Euro Trip. Hilarious. Loved it. Couldn't stop laughing! And now I have the stupid song in it in my head.
  17. The match that is on now is heaps exciting, i hope Hewitt wins, thye keep showing Bec in the crowd like every 10 minutes!
  18. Lol My whole family was at my Grandma's and every one was inside watching it and we were all so hopefull that we could still win until they hit those 4's and 6's and we all just knew it was over
  19. Yep same here love my Chemical Romance, i just listened to Ghost Of You i love that song
  20. I know how much did that suck? I still cant believe we lost
  21. I wanna see that movie, my cousin watched it and told me it was really good. I watched Zoolander yesterday morning I love Ben Stiller and Owen Willson movies, those two are hilarious
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