Kate Garven Interview

Kate Garven

Kate Garven has played Jade Sutherland on Home and Away since 2000. She was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions for us.

Interview conducted by Jeremai in September 2003 for our predecessor site ‘The Home and Away Source’

How did your career in acting start and did you have any roles before Home and Away?

My Mum and Dad placed me in an agency when I was younger. After going through audition processes I worked on a few commercials, music clips and played a minor role in a film. Then came the opportunity to audition for Home and Away.

How did you land the role in Home and Away?

I auditioned for the Sutherland family and received a call back to read for Jade. After that I got the part and am loving it more and more each day.

Did you watch Home and Away previously, and how did it feel joining an established cast?

I used to watch the show every now and again, but going to work on it was a surreal feeling at first. Soon enough those feelings eased and I felt like a part of the Summer bay team.

Is there a special relationship between yourself, Christie, Tammin, Michael and Paula, as you all play(ed) a family on screen?

Absolutely! When you play a family on television, especially when you all start at the same time, you start a family type relationship. With the amount of time you spend with them shooting, they begin feel like your second family.

Is there any of Kate Garven in Jade’s character, or vice-versa?

No not really… I suppose the only similarities are my looks.

Were you happy with the change in Jade’s character when she decided to live life to the fullest in 2002? Did it make Jade more fun to play?

It gave Jade a fresh and more energetic approach to things in the show. Some of the things she did wouldn’t be things that I would agree on personally, but unfortunately I don’t have much say in what Jade does. She is Jade and I am Kate.

Are you able to, or have you ever suggested storylines for Jade?

I can suggest possible storylines to our writers, whether they think it is a good move for the character in the overall big picture of the show is another story. They write a story that will connect with people in the same age bracket as the character. They are always open to ideas, which is great! but most times I have to go with what is written.

What does the future hold for Kate Garven? Do you have any interesting plans?

I might stick around the bay for a little while longer. As for plans, I’m getting married next year… that is the only plan I’m looking forward to so far.