Lisa Stanniford

Lisa Stanniford(2005)
Zoe Tuckwell-Smith
Episodes: 3909-3925

Spouse: Alan Stanniford
Occupation: Advertising executive

When Scott headed off to the city for a few days to get over Hayley choosing Kim instead of him, he returned with a new girlfriend, Lisa, an advertising executive he’d met in a bar.Hayley found the pair together when she went round to tell Scott that she and Kim had split up and ended up agreeing to take her along to Josie’s hen night.During the party, Lisa went outside to take a phone call and Hayley caught the tail end of it, thinking there was something suspicious going on.Lisa later accompanied Scott to Jesse and Josie’s aborted wedding;she arrived just before the service having had to work and interrupted Scott comforting Hayley over missing Noah.

A few days later, Lisa ran into Kim and Eve(who everyone still believed to be Zoe)at the Diner while looking for Scott and the three of them realised no-one had seen Scott or Hayley since the previous evening:They headed to the surf club and found the pair had been locked in the store room overnight.Lisa invited Hayley over for dinner, saying she wanted to get to know Scott’s friends better, but Hayley was suspicious when Lisa kept ignoring her phone, saying it was work.While Lisa was in the bathroom, Hayley checked her phone and found a message from someone called Alan saying that he and the kids missed her.Hayley made her excuses and left as soon as possible, leaving Lisa worried she didn’t like her.

The following day, Hayley confronted Lisa about the message.Lisa admitted she was married but told Hayley they had been separated for over a year and Alan kept ringing her up and pestering her to take him back.Hayley apologised but later Lisa was heard on the phone to Alan.It was clear that they were still together and that he thought she was at a conference.Hayley agreed to keep quiet and Lisa managed to convert Robbie into a fan by getting him a job in a local commercial with a director she knew.However, then Alan turned up, still thinking Lisa was at a conference.Lisa told him she’d be home in a few days and Hayley saw them kissing on the beach.She then went home to Scott and convinced him to move to the city with her.

Both Hayley and Beth were shocked by the news, thinking Scott was rushing into things without really knowing Lisa.Hayley confronted Lisa about what she had seen and Lisa told her things weren’t as clear cut as she thought.Hayley told Scott that Lisa had a husband but she simply repeated her story that she and Alan had been separated for a year and claimed that Hayley didn’t like her.When Leah let slip that Hayley had feelings for Scott, he found it easy to dismiss her warnings.

When Lisa returned to Summer Bay after a few days in the city, she was shocked when Scott announced that he wanted to move to the city with her straightaway.She was worried when he accidentally called her “Hayley” and when she saw the growing rift between him and Beth as a result of the decision.As they were driving out of town, she stopped the car and told Scott the truth:She and Alan were still together and had children.She also admitted she’d cheated on Alan before but told Scott she loved him and would leave Alan for him if he wanted.After stepping out of the car for a moment to think, Scott gave Lisa a hug goodbye and she left town alone.