Troy Peters

Troy Peters/Bradley (2005)
Christian Willis
Episodes: 3990-4004


Troy was Chloe’s boyfriend while she was in the city, a colleague from the law firm where she worked. As she explained to Jesse, he got jealous when he saw her with a male friend and hit her.She threw him out but some days later he called her, insisting he’d changed. She gave him a second chance but he lost his temper again and put her in hospital. After that he began stalking her and the police were unable to track him down.

When Chloe sought refuse in Summer Bay, Troy followed her there.He watched from a distance as she spoke with Jesse near the beach and rang her up. Unaware how close he was, Jesse answered the call and told Troy to leave Chloe alone. Troy followed her to the beach house, where he watched her with Robbie, Tasha and Martha. Once Chloe was alone, he sneaked into the house and left her a rose and a card saying they’d be together again soon.

Troy continued to stalk Chloe and Jesse. After Jesse responded to one of his calls in an even more hostile manner, Troy surprised him near the beach and hit him over the head. He phoned up the beach house posing as a police officer and told Barry that he had been arrested. Then, when Chloe was left alone, he surprised her, cutting the phone line and, in an unnervingly calm manner, saying he forgave her for cheating on him. When Jesse rang her mobile and Troy grabbed it off her, Chloe ran from the house and Troy chased her towards the wharf. He had just caught up with her and pinned her to the ground when Jesse arrived and overpowered him and he was arrested.

The following week, Troy turned up at Alf’s 60th birthday party after being released on bail. He tried to convince Chloe to get back with him and was ejected from the house, declaring if he couldn’t be with Chloe no-one could. That night, Chloe was killed after someone forced her car off the road and Troy was prime suspect. Peter found that he had used his credit card at a hotel around the time of the accident but Jesse refused to believe his innocence and tried to track him down. When he found him on the beach, he accused him of killing Chloe and beat him, only stopping when Dan dragged him off. Peter visited Troy in hospital and charged Jesse with assault, telling him security camera footage showed Troy was miles away at the time of the accident. Troy would still have been facing charges over his earlier treatment of Jesse and Chloe but nothing more was revealed about what happened to him.

*Troy was listed as Troy Bradley in the end credits but Peter and Morag referred to him as Troy Peters.

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