Peggy King

Caroline Gillmer

Peggy King (2017)
Caroline Gillmer
Episodes: 66896699

Spouse: Ernest King (deceased)
Children: Charlotte King (deceased)

After Hunter King went on a quest to find his biological father, he buckled under Olivia’s pressure and called his grandmother Peggy, but wimped out at the sound of her voice and hung up. Realising this was Hunter, Peggy later turned up at the Beach House, inquiring as to why Hunter called. After having dinner together, Hunter invited Peggy to stay, which she hesitantly accepted. The next day, after Peggy became suspicious, Hunter dropped the bombshell that Zac wasn’t his real father. Despite Hunter’s insistence, Peggy refused to believe it, calling Hunter a disgrace for believing his mother was a liar, before walking out.

Hunter followed and found Peggy at the bus stop, where she revealed that she knew all about the robbery at the Diner and blamed Hunter for Charlotte’s death. Olivia’s attempts to mend the bridge between Peggy and Hunter were in vain when Peggy accused her of trying to clear her own name (Olivia being an accessory for knowing about the break-in).

Peggy confronted Hunter about being a coward for sending Olivia to fight his battles, and shortly afterwards the police arrived at the Beach House to ask Hunter and Olivia to accompany them to station for questioning.

With the truth finally out about the robbery, Peggy was invited back to the Beach House by Olivia, in an attempt to reconnect them one final time. Hunter and Peggy both realised their mistakes and forgave one another, with Peggy deciding to stay in town a little longer to bond with Hunter and to help him find his biological father.

A couple of days later, John introduced himself to Peggy in the Diner and offered to look after her while Hunter did some work for him. While Hunter worked, John and Peggy bonded over their mutual links to the Navy. Meeting with Hunter and Olivia for lunch, Peggy flirted with John, which didn’t go unnoticed by Olivia. When Peggy went to the bar, Olivia pointed out to John that Peggy was flirting with him, and he made a swift exit. When Peggy returned, she relayed how much John reminded her of her husband Ernest – who was a bit of a character, especially around his best mate Wally, who lived next door. When she recalled that Wally moved away the year Hunter was born, Peggy froze and made an excuse that she needed some air, leaving Hunter confused. After returning from her walk, Peggy informed Hunter that there was a chance Wally was his father.

Peggy told Hunter that she wasn’t certain, but a month before Charlotte found out she was pregnant, Wally and his wife, Claire, suddenly moved away. Hunter conducted some online searching, but when nothing turned up Peggy offered to find him a photo. Hunter politely declined, saying that Wally sounded like a drop-kick, but Peggy gave Hunter a talk about how he of all people should understand people who aren’t perfect. Hunter changed his mind, and at the sight of the photo of Wally, he realised that he must be his father – they look so much alike. Dumbfounded, Hunter went for a walk and when he returned, Olivia told him that Peggy had gone back to the hotel, and would call him later.