Ray Moran

Ray Moran (2006, 2007)
Damien Garvey
Episodes: 4170-4189, 4476, 4492, 4541

Occupation: Garage owner

Ray was the owner of the garage where Ric served his apprenticeship. He met Ric for the first time when he had a go at him about a scratch on a car he had been working on. The scratch was actually caused by Dom but Ray didn’t give Ric a chance to explain and told him he was deducting the cost from his wages. He was equally hard on Dom when he made a mistake on a car he’d been fixing, even when Ric stepped in to share the blame, and held a brief investigation when a car part was stolen from his office as part of one of Dom’s tricks on Ric.

When Ric approached him and revealed Dom had been pulling a series of dangerous stunts on him, including attached a live wire to his tool box so he was electrocuted, Ray spoke to Dom but refused to take any action without proof. Ric then learned that Ray was Dom’s uncle. When Dom claimed Ric had beaten him up, Ray seemed ready to fire him but Dom, enjoying tormenting Ric, asked him to keep him on. Soon after, Ric was crushed under a car when a jack gave way and Ray realised someone had given him a faulty jack. He confronted Dom, who admitted it was him. Ray went to see Ric at his home, where he received a serve from Alf for the way he ran the garage. He told Ric that he’d fired Dom and there was still a job for Ric if he wanted it.

The following year, Ray gave Drew an apprenticeship at the garage as well but told him to keep his car away from the premises and also warned Dom, who had been providing Drew with stolen car parts, to keep the garage out of his business. When Drew went to the police about the stolen parts, Ray fired him. The police subcontracted the job of examining Drew’s car for evidence to Ray but Ray handed the car over to Dom, who torched it.

When Belle went missing shortly after Dom was released from prison, Drew and Irene confronted Ray. Ray said the family had turned Dom away when he was released but eventually suggested he might have taken her to an old shack where they’d gone fishing. He wasn’t seen again but the following year he made Ric redundant off screen as part of Noel Anderson’s plan to force him into bare-knuckle fighting.