Dom Moran

Dom Moran(2006, 2007-2008)
Sam North
Episodes: 4169-4189, 4469-4493, 4540-4542, 4560-4574
Occupation: Mechanic, courier, waiter

Dom was a second year apprentice at the garage Ric was working at, who was assigned to show him the ropes.He quickly made his contempt for his new junior clear, waiting until the end of the day before telling him he had to sweep up so he had to stay back an hour and telling him he had to buy the team drinks then not turning up.He also seemed taken with Belle when she visited Ric at work.His bullying began to become more extreme, as he allowed Ric to burn himself whilst showing him how to do an oil change, claiming only an idiot would allow it to happen, and revved a car Ric was under, causing him to be showered with sparks.He also scratched a car Ric was working on and blamed Ric for it, so he had his pay docked.Ric got his own back by arranging for Dom to be covered in oil, using a trap Dom had set for him, but Dom refused to accept it made them even.

When the garage owner, Ray, had a go at Dom for making a mess of repairing a car, Ric stepped in to share the blame, saying he worked on it too, and later invited Dom to eat with him and Belle at the Diner. However, the brief truce was ended when Ric saw some scars on Dom’s back and Dom got angry about his questions.He sneaked back to the garage while Ric was working alone and poured acid over his legs.When Ric confronted him about it, he retorted he couldn’t prove anything and kept hitting him on the burnt legs. Belle became incensed by his behaviour and they ended up in an argument in the Diner.When a car part was stolen from the office, Ric found it in his locker just before Dom suggested a locker search but Dom removed it before the search took place, telling Ric he was just giving him a scare.

When the garage manager, Gazza, told everyone to stop the pranks, Dom overheard Ric asking him some hypothetical questions about bullying.He pretended to make up with Ric but then attached a frayed electric cable to his toolbox, giving him a severe electric shock.He and Ric got into a fight about it in the Diner which Alf had to break up.Ric finally complained to Ray but he refused to do anything without evidence. Ric and Belle went to see Ric’s predecessor at the garage, Wayne, who confirmed Dom used to do the same to him and, when he told Ray, Dom’s uncle, about it, tried to run him over.

Dom tried to blame Ric for a faulty repair he’d done by putting his name next to it in the log but Ric pointed out he was away that day and Dom was sent home.He tried to get his own back by sexually assaulting Belle in the gym but she kneed him in the groin and Ric hit him when he found out.Dom then turned up at work with more serious injuries, claiming Ric had beaten him up, but told Ray not to fire him because he enjoyed tormenting him.He then gave Ric a faulty jack, expecting the car would fall onto its tyres and give him a fright, but since there was no air in the tyres the car fell on Ric.Dom helped get it off him but Ray realised what had happened and fired him.He tried to apologise to Ric and Belle but neither was in a forgiving mood and Ric told him to get psychiatric help.

The following year, when Drew started work at the garage, Dom was working as a courier with a car parts company and hence Drew went to him for help when he needed parts to do up his new car.Belle was unhappy about Drew being involved with Dom and even Ric became suspicious about how Dom was able to get hold of rare parts so quickly.In truth, he was stealing them from other cars.Drew became worried when he saw Dom selling parts out of a car boot but Dom assured him it was legitimate.

Dom seemed to have developed an interest in Belle and, when he heard her talking to Cassie about some concert tickets Drew had got them, he asked for them in payment.He ran into Belle at the concert, after Drew had got replacement tickets, and told her he was only there to see her.When a girl stole Belle’s bag, Dom retrieved it and gave it back to her.He then found Belle’s wallet and a necklace Drew had borrowed from Jazz, which had fallen out of the bag, and also returned them to her, after removing a photo of Belle and Drew from the wallet.He tore the photo in half and kept the part with Belle on it, which was found by his mother who thought she was his girlfriend.He arranged to meet Belle to deliver some parts for Drew and asked her out.She took him to task for his past treatment of Ric and he showed her his scars, saying he’d got them from similar behaviour when he was an apprentice.

He encouraged Ric and Drew to take the car along to a drag race, then, when the police raided it, took off in Drew’s car, leaving them behind.When they confronted him about it, he told them he had saved the car from being impounded.He let Drew know that a friend of his, Denni Maitland, who was dating Drew’s ex Lisa Duffy, wanted to race him and warned him he would go psycho if he refused.He later handed Drew a message from Denni, who had stolen Drew’s car, saying he would only return it if he raced him.When Belle questioned him about it, he pretended not to know about the race but said he knew where Drew was, giving her and Matilda a lift to the finishing line so they found out what was going on.

When Denni seemed prepared to hurt Belle if Drew didn’t co-operate, Dom tried to warn her.He then encouraged Lisa to make up with Drew then told Belle he’d seen them together, sparking an argument.He took Belle back to his place and persuaded her to share a drink and a joint with him.He played her some songs that he thought represented how he felt about her and wasn’t keen to let the somewhat disorientated Belle leave until Lisa turned up and took her home.When Drew found out what had happened, he punched Dom.

After Lisa was killed in one of Denni’s races, Drew decided to go to the police but Dom warned him about the stolen car parts and claimed the people he worked with would hurt Drew if he told them anything.Drew went to the police anyway but, when his car was sent to Ray’s garage for examination, Dom stole it and torched it, destroying the evidence.Jazz begged him to tell the police the truth and clear Drew of involvement and he said he would if Belle came to see him.He then elicited a kiss from Belle in exchange for his statement and, after telling Jack the truth, was charged.

On being released from a short spell in jail, he followed Belle and Drew on a road trip.He lay in wait after their car ran out of petrol and Belle elected to walk but was temporarily foiled when Drew, who had hitched a lift, picked her up before he could do anything.He then surprised her at the garage and kidnapped her, driving her to a fishing shack that he had kitted out with her favourite things, using information he’d taken from her My Space page.He smashed her phone when she tried texting Drew, before giving her a ring and cooking a romantic meal.Belle persuaded him to let her go if they kissed again and she didn’t feel anything.Dom complied but, as they were arguing over how it felt, Drew turned up.He knocked Dom down and he and Belle ran to his car but Dom ran out in front of them.Drew knocked him over and kept driving and, when he and Belle returned shortly afterwards, found blood stains but no sign of Dom.The following night, Dom broke into Belle’s bedroom but left without doing anything, except removing the ring he gave Belle from the bin and putting it on her window sill, when he saw her asleep in bed with Drew.

A few weeks later, Dom turned up at the Diner in a bad way while Belle was closing up.He claimed he hadn’t been to hospital because he didn’t want to get her into trouble, then collapsed.Belle took him to hospital where he told Rachel that he’d fallen over on some fishing racks.He privately warned Belle she couldn’t prove she kidnapped her but his injuries proved she’d run him over, but when Rachel realised he was lying he admitted it was a hit and run but said he didn’t see the driver.Rachel told him he had kidney damage and needed surgery.Drew turned up and told Dom to stay away from Belle and, when the confrontation got physical, he exacerbated Dom’s injuries, so he needed immediate surgery.As he was taken into theatre, he called out to Belle that he loved her and, not wanting him to go into surgery feeling depressed, she replied that she loved him too.

Belle continued to visit Dom as he recovered from surgery and he said he knew she didn’t love him but he was determined to win her over and apologised for his earlier behaviour.Drew visited him to warn him off but Dom taunted him, saying he looked worried.He received some unwitting encouragement from Sam Holden when she gave him his physio, as he told her there was a girl he was in love with who had a boyfriend and she told him to go for it.

Dom asked Roman for a job at the Diner to spend time with Belle, claiming he was keen to work in the hospitality industry, and got Belle to give him a reference.Irene was suspicious, especially when he mocked Drew for still being at school, and got Roman to persuade Dom to apply for a job at a restaurant in the city. When Belle was also in favour of the idea, Dom had to go for an interview but deliberately sabotaged his chances by being sloppily dressed and rude.Unknown to him, the restaurant was run by Irene’s daughter Fin, who recorded the interview.When Belle saw it, she was furious with Dom and told him she wanted nothing more to do with him.After a last exchange of words with Drew, Dom left town, still insisting Belle would be his one day.