Linda Somerset

Linda Somerset (2014)
Hannah Britland
Episodes: 59325934; 5953

Linda was encountered by Casey Braxton while he was visiting London with his family. He first noticed her while they were riding an open-top tour bus and she later discovered him struggling to read a map. He asked for directions back to Soho and then for her advice on how to spend the rest of the day. He wondered why she was on a sightseeing bus when she was clearly familiar with London and she admitted she got on because she saw him queuing up in a Union Jack hat.

Linda took Casey back to the docklands flat that her parents were letting her stay in while she was deciding whether or not to go to uni to do a law degree. They slept together but the night was cut short when Casey heard Brax was in hospital after being hit by a car. Casey returned the following night, ostensibly to get his hat, and they spent another night together. Linda encouraged Casey to stay in London but they said goodbye the following morning with her keeping the hat.

Casey continued to contact Linda by Skype; she again tried to get him to come back to London but he was reluctant to do so until things with Brax were sorted. A few weeks later, after learning his father had been Johnny Barrett, Casey contacted Linda again and, without explaining, told her he wasn’t coming back to London and she shouldn’t come to him, since he wasn’t the person he thought he was. Linda sent the hat back to him.