Joanna Scott

Joanna Scott (2010)
Tara Morice
Episodes: 52065215

Children: Bianca & April Scott

The mother of Bianca and April, Joanna arrived in town in the lead-up to Bianca’s wedding to Vittorio. She arrived at the beach house to find April had invited Liam over on the pretext of having a guitar lesson. She had booked into the Sands and was dismissive of the small town nature of the Bay. She met up with Liam at Angelo’s and warned him she intended for Bianca to marry Vittorio and he should stay away. She then met Vittorio, who she was much more friendly towards, and warned him to keep an eye on Liam.

Joanna offered to take Irene out to dinner in Yabbie Creek to thank her for looking after Bianca and April. Although both women were polite during the meal, it was clear they had a low opinion of each other. Vittorio’s bucks party, which John had hastily arranged with a few locals, ended up at the restaurant and Vittorio and Joanna ended up at the bar together making dismissive comments about the others. The following morning, Joanna realised Bianca had kissed Liam but told her that Liam was like Bianca’s father, exciting but unreliable, and convinced her she was better off with Vittorio. She tried to get Bianca to have her bridal shower somewhere more up market than Angelo’s but eventually went along with it.

At the wedding, Joanna was aghast when Bianca jilted Vittorio at the altar and ran off with Liam. She blamed April, who had encouraged the pairing and insisted Bianca had made the right decision. During the reception for John and Gina, Joanna dragged April to a taxi, announcing she was taking her back to Europe to stop her making as big a mess of her life as Bianca, only allowing her a brief farewell with Xavier. However, April returned after six weeks, saying Joanna had lost interest in her once she got a new boyfriend.

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