Greg Harvey

Greg Harvey(2005)
Steve Vella
Episodes: 3883, 3886, 3903

An old associates of Gus Phillips, Greg tracked him down to Summer Bay after his release from prison to remind him that he still owed him $3,000 from the last job he did.Gus protested that the money was taken away when he was arrested and asked Greg to wait until he’d got a job and saved up the money.Greg refused to wait however and threatened to hurt Kane.

After Gus’ attempt to get the money by carrying out an armed robbery went wrong and Kane was caught with the money and the gun, Greg approached the police claiming he’d seen the robber using a call box whilst fixing his car nearby and identified Kane from a photograph before picking him out in a line-up.He was called as a witness at Kane’s trial and again identified him as the man he saw but after Morag pointed out he was fifty metres away and there were no street lights and showed him a photo of Gus, he was forced to say it might have been him he’d seen.

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