Dallas Phillips

Emma Griffin

Dallas Phillips (2011-2012)
Emma Griffin
Episodes: 54195455

Children: William Phillips
Occupation: Gelato bar server, Uni student

Dallas was spotted by Xavier in the surf club, where Romeo told him that she came to town every year during schoolies and had a reputation as a “virgin slayer”. Hoping to catch her attention, Xavier dressed up as a geek for an end of school party to try and convince her he was inexperienced but instead she focused on Dexter and kissed him. Dexter responded at first but then ended up hiding in the toilet. When he found Dallas waiting for him when he came out, he told her he had a girlfriend and made himself scarce. Dallas ended up spending the night with one of the River Boys instead.

Dexter was surprised to re-encounter Dallas at the hospital a couple of weeks later, especially when it turned out she was visiting her three-year-old son William, who was recovering from having his tonsils removed. She explained that she had got pregnant in Year 11 and her family had been unsupportive even when she went back to finish her HSC, leaving her determined to bring up William alone. When she learned Dexter had been telling the truth about having a girlfriend and April had broken up with him after seeing them kiss, she felt guilty but the pair became friends when Dexter helped entertain William and ease his sore throat.

Dexter learned Dallas and William were sleeping in her car, since Dallas had lost her job as a result of taking time off to look after William. He convinced Alf and Roo to let them stay in a caravan and wait for the rent until Dallas was back on her feet. On learning Dexter was without a date for the school formal, Dallas got dressed up and went down there to surprise him. Unfortunately, drunk on spiked punch and depressed that April was planning to lose her virginity to Xavier, Dexter misunderstood the gesture and made a clumsy attempt to kiss her, then attacked Xavier when he stepped in. Afterwards, the pair exchanged apologies.

Dallas began working at the gelato bar and was surprised during a shift when Dexter, having just learned April had been sleeping with Heath, turned up and asked her to “slay” him. Once she got over the shock, she told him he meant a lot more to her than he had done when she tried to seduce him and she didn’t want to spoil their friendship. When she was asked to do an extra shift, she asked Dexter to babysit William. William was hospitalised after having a fit and it turned out he had a nut allergy, which even Dallas was unaware of. Once she had got over her initial shock and anger, Dallas reassured Dexter that she trusted him.

Dallas could now afford to move out of the caravan to a flat in Yabbie Creek and Dexter helped her load up her belongings. When she dropped a box of gelato at work, John, who was having financial difficulties, used it as an excuse to fire her. Dallas told Dexter she was going to get a job closer to her new home, meaning they wouldn’t see each other anymore. She gave him a goodbye kiss on the cheek and thanked him for everything he’d done for them.

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