Bob Campbell

Bob Campbell (2004)
Peter Knowles
Episodes: 3685-3693

Spouse: Sue Campbell (deceased)

Bob Campbell was an American tourist who hired the Blaxland for a dive charter, along with his wife Sue. The pair were seen bickering when they first arrived at the boat and soon began to irritate both Scott and Kane. When they asked to be taken outside the normal dive zone, Scott agreed despite Kane’s misgivings. However, they failed to make the rendezvous and, when they still hadn’t resurfaced at the time their air supply would be running out, it soon became clear something was wrong.

When several days of searching failed to find every trace of them, the search was called off. However, facing charges of negligence, Alf, Scott and Kane decided to take the Blaxland out and search for them themselves. They found Bob on a deserted beach, where he told them he hadn’t seen the searchers and Sue was dead; she had got into trouble underwater and he hadn’t had enough air to search for her. However, the group were suspicious of his story, especially since his oxygen tank was still half full.

In reality, Bob had killed Sue, planning to make it look as though they had both drowned by accident. However, the boat that was supposed to collect him from the beach was prevented by a storm. Realising the trio were onto him, Bob grabbed a harpoon gun and attempted to hijack a boat. However, Alf faked a heart attack and the distraction allowed Bob to be overpowered. He was handed over to the police once they got back to the wharf.

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