Neighbours Spoilers – David Tanaka’s funeral in 37 pictures

New Neighbours photos show the funeral of David Tanaka, as he’s laid to rest in an emotional episode airing on Tuesday 13th February.

Yesterday’s heartbreaking episode saw David die after a fight with Eden Shaw (Costa D’Angelo) saw the pair tumble off an embankment, leaving David with a severe abdominal injury.

Eden was out on bail and had hunted down ex-girlfriend Krista (Majella Davis), who was on holiday with her new boyfriend Leo (Takaya Honda), and co-parenting trio David, Aaron (Matt Wilson) and Nicolette (Hannah Monson).

Eden had somehow learnt that Krista was pregnant with his child, and planned to make Krista leave with him. A struggle broke out between Eden and Leo, perilously close to a sheer drop, and Eden picked up a rock ready to smash it against Leo’s head.

Hearing their shouts, David and Aaron ran up to them, and David dived upon Eden before he could deal Leo a potentially fatal blow.

The two found themselves tumbling down the embankment in a cliffhanger at the end of Wednesday’s episode, and as we returned to the scene on Thursday, we learnt that both had survived, with David seemingly only suffering a broken rib, while Eden had more serious injuries.

With no phone signal and keen not to repeat his past mistake which saw him refuse Gareth Bateman (Jack Pearson) medical treatment, David insisted that Aaron and Leo take Gareth to hospital first, before coming back for him.

In reality, David had landed on a sharp object in the fall, a fact which he kept hidden from his husband and twin brother. By insisting that Aaron and Leo take Eden before himself, he was secretly sacrificing himself to save Eden’s life.

Next week sees the aftermath of the tragedy, as Aaron struggles to cope with the idea of life without his ‘boo’, while Eden returns to Ramsay Street seeking help from Melanie (Lucinda Cowden), resulting in a tense hostage situation.

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The following week sees the residents of Ramsay Street gather to say goodbye to David as they attend his funeral, in a tearjerking episode on Tuesday 13th February.

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The scenes see Aaron and Leo deliver emotionally-charged eulogies, before Aaron later breaks down in tears.

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The episodes also see the return of Lucy Robinson (Melissa Bell), who heads back to Australia to help her brother Paul (Stefan Dennis) – David’s father – through his grief.

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David’s obituary reads:

“David Yoshi Tanaka was generosity, integrity, and love personified. He had the courage to give without expectation, to advise without judgement, and to care for everyone, no matter who they were.

“David touched countless hearts in his family and community, whilst having the most generous heart of all. He was cherished deeply by all who knew him and will be missed dearly.

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“The family of David Tanaka would like to express our heartfelt appreciation for your condolences and sympathy. We are grateful for the support of friends, neighbours, and community as we navigate this difficult time.

“Although David is no longer with us, his kindness and love lives on in the hearts of all he touched.”

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David’s long-term friends, including Karl (Alan Fletcher), Toadie (Ryan Moloney) and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), as well as newer Erinsborough residents Haz (Shiv Palekar), Byron (Xavier Molyneux), Holly (Lucinda Armstrong-Hall) and Wendy (Candice Leask) gather to pay their respects.

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Paul’s new love interest Chelsea (Viva Bianca) watches on from the periphery.

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As the funeralgoers retire to the Waterhole for the wake, things come to a head as Krista (Majella Davis) arrives, seemingly having decided against attending the funeral itself.

Paul lays into her in front of everyone, blaming her for bringing Eden into their lives.

The photos also show Aaron going through a whirlwind of emotions before, during and after the ceremony, while Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) struggles to help ex-husband Paul in his hour of need.

Also in attendance are Jane (Annie Jones), Sadie (Emerald Chan), Melanie (Lucinda Cowden), Sam (Henrietta Graham), as well as Isla (Hana Abe-Tucker) and Abigail (Nikita Kato).

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The funeral scenes were shot at Melbourne’s Eltham Cemetry back in late August, 20 minutes north of Neighbours‘ Nunawading Studios.

A photo of the filming was uploaded to social media by a fan of the show shortly after, prompting months of online debate over who was inside the coffin.

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New episodes of Neighbours air Monday–Thursday on Network 10 and 10 Peach in Australia, and on Amazon Freevee in the UK.

Here are the Neighbours spoilers for the next two weeks:

Monday 5th February (Episode 8984 / 81)

The residents of Ramsay Street come to grips with their loss.

Terese tries to comfort an inconsolable Erinsborough resident.

The threat of Eden continues to loom large.

Tuesday 6th February (Episode 8985 / 82)

Eden’s reign of terror continues as a hostage situation brings Ramsay Street to a standstill.

Paul battles his demons.

Toadie takes charge.

Wednesday 7th February (Episode 8986 / 83)

Terese chooses confrontation.

Chelsea makes her next move

Haz goes above and beyond as he learns how to support Mackenzie

Thursday 8th February (Episode 8987 / 84)

Chelsea involves herself with the grieving family.

Paul projects onto Krista as his anger finds a new home.

Toadie and Terese work through their ‘ex’ issues… for now.

Monday 12th February (Episode 8988 / 85)

Sadie uncovers a devastating secret.

Chelsea continues to get her way, but offers an olive branch.

Krista finds refuge where she least expects.

Tuesday 13th February (Episode 8989 / 86)

Ramsay Street mourns a beloved neighbour.

Paul and Sadie carry a terrible secret.

Chelsea’s plans are thwarted.

Krista’s kind act has devastating consequences.

Wednesday 14th February (Episode 8990 / 87)

The neighbours reel from a shock confession.

Will Terese betray Toadie about Paul?

Chelsea sees an opportunity and makes a move.

Thursday 15th February (Episode 8991 / 88)

Toadie discovers Terese’s betrayal

Chelsea worms her way into Paul’s life

Paul is at rock bottom.

Melanie makes a huge confession.