Coronation Street Spoilers for Next Week – 31st October to 4th November

There’s another big week on the cobbles, as we explore all the Coronation Street spoilers for Monday 31st October to Friday 4th November. Expect fisticuffs from Tyrone, Sean does some snooping, Summer is under suspicion, and more scaffolding drama.

What is Laurence hiding?

Next Monday 31st October on Coronation Street, it’s time to party as Sean (Antony Cotton), Laurence (Robert Shaw Camerson) and Dylan (Liam McCheyne) ready themselves for a night on the tiles.


However, an innocent request leads to a secret being discovered when Sean asks Todd (Gareth Pierce) to take a picture of them. Laurence hands over his phone for the photo, but when Todd unlocks it to take the photo, up pops a surprising photo!

Todd is shocked at what he’s seen… but what was in the photo?


Then, in Wednesday’s episode, Sean is on the hunt for answers as he tries to crack the code on Laurence’s phone.


When Laurence catches him, he’s stunned! He marches out of The Rovers, leaving Sean embarrassed.


In the final episode of the week, next Friday 4th November, Sean wants to win Laurence back. Glenda (Jodie Prenger) gives him some advice – he needs to make a grand gesture to show his love! So, Sean does just that, turning up at the surgery with a bouquet of flowers. How romantic.

Unfortunately, it’s a wasted trip… Oh dear.

Tyrone makes things worse for Hope

Tyrone (Alan Halsall) messes things up for Hope next week when he punches Nick Tillsley (Ben Price)!


He’s stressed out after The Gazette has published its first two instalments of the serialised John Stape book. Once the first excerpt is published in next Monday’s episode, his and Fiz’s (Jennie McAlpine) worst fears are realised when Hope (Isabella Flanagan) starts getting bullied at school – suddenly her fellow pupils know what her dad did!

With Hope upset, Nick worries that she’s going to be a negative impact on his son Sam (Jude Riordan), and he bars the two from hanging out together. Tyrone, already stressed, can’t believe that Nick would be so cruel, and marches around to the flat, where he punches him!


Is that really going to help things?!

As if that wasn’t enough, Tyrone and Fiz are set for a big shock when they realise who was behind the book’s secrets…

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Summer’s pregnancy drama continues

Summer (Harriet Bibby) has a tough time next week as her loved ones jump to conclusions. Still, a cheque for £10,000 may just soften the blow…

As more and more people are now aware, Summer is pregnant with Aaron’s (James Craven) baby. The two had recently broken up after Paul (Peter Ash) warned Aaron off, but thankfully they’re now back together and ready to deal with the pregnancy together.

After initially deciding to get an abortion, Summer decided against it when a conversation with the doctor made her nervous. She’s now seriously considering going through with the pregnancy, but handing the baby over to new characters Esther (Vanessa Hehir) and Mike (Tom Lorcan), who want to adopt it.


When she discovers that Aaron’s dad needs £10,000 to pay for his rehab, she realises the baby could be the answer to their prayers. She meets up with Esther and Mike, who are unable to have a child of their own, and lets them know she’s willing to give them her baby!

However, she’s keen to take them up on their offer of financial support, telling them that she’ll need a £10,000 downpayment to secure the deal. When she returns to Coronation Street and tells Aaron she’s got the cash he so desperately needs, he’s stunned… will he let her go ahead with selling her baby?

Of course, having a baby was never going to be easy, and the morning sickness soon sets in. Unfortunately, Billy (Daniel Brocklebank), who now thinks that Summer has had an abortion, discovers her being sick, and jumps to conclusions, assuming that her eating disorder has returned.


He, along with Todd and Paul, confronts her. Will she admit the truth?

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Adam uses Tracey’s criminal past to his advantage

As Amy (Elle Mulvaney) and Jacob (Jack James Ryan) move into 1 Coronation Street, they’re dismayed to find that they’re on the blow-up bed, as their room has been taken over by Daniel (Rob Mallard) and Daisy (Charlotte Jordan).


Tracy (Kate Ford) is desperate for Amy not to move out again, so orders Daniel to get the toilet fixed and the portaloo taken away.

Sadly, Arnie (John Gully) refuses to fix the toilet unless they pay him in cash upfront, and Daniel just isn’t willing to do that.


When they have no success changing Arnie’s mind, Adam (Sam Robertson) issues a threat. He reminds Arnie that Tracy was once sent down for murder, and that he doesn’t want to get on the wrong side of her.

Will Adam’s plan pay off, or is he the one who’s about to end up in Tracey’s bad books?

Also next week…


In the final Corrie spoilers for next week, expect fireworks when Nick discovers that Sam is writing letters to Harvey.

Here are next week’s Coronation Street Spoilers:

Monday 31st October (Episode 10783-10784)

Fiz’s heart sinks after she sees the first extract of the John Stape book in the Gazette.

Fiz suggests setting up a meeting with the journalist, but it’s possible the culprit is much closer to home.

Wednesday 2nd November (Episode 10785-10786)

Summer admits she’s still pregnant and has an idea to raise the £10k that Aaron needs.

Things get worse from Fiz and Tyrone as they read the second instalment of the book.

Nick wants Hope to stay away from Sam, causing Tyrone to lash out.

Tyrone’s irrational behaviour may have made things worse for Hope and Sam.

Arnie informs Daniel that he’ll need scaffolding at the back of the house to fix the roof, and Ed is not happy!

Laurence catches Sean trying to break into his phone.

Friday 4th November (Episode 10787-10788)

Billy stages an intervention when he gets the wrong idea about Summer.

Adam gives Fiz and Tyrone hope they may be able to get an injunction.

Adam warns Arnie that Tracey isn’t to be messed with.

Sean makes a grand gesture to win Laurence back, but will it be a success?