Neighbours Spoilers – Brent’s return ends in heartache

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Brent returns to Ramsay Street, but heartache soon follows when he realises Harlow is a changed woman.

These episodes will air from Monday 25th October.

As heartbreak and envy seems to be surrounding Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan), a ray of light returns to town in the form of Brent Colefax (Texas Watterston). Yet will his return be enough to bring the old Harlow back?

For the last few months, ever since her boyfriend Brent left for the army, it is as if Harlow has transformed into another person. If she isn’t getting involved in familial squabbles as her grandfather Paul’s (Stefan Dennis) marriage breaks down, she’s playing a dangerous game of workplace politics with her rival colleague Chloe (April Rose Pengilly).

The last week has seen Harlow has stooping to two new lows – as if one wasn’t bad enough!

Firstly, she organised a meeting between her bosses Paul and Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and then failed to show up. As a result, the newly separated pair awkwardly moved forward through their business affairs, with Terese refusing to discuss anything personal.

Then, she changed the rosters to make it look like Chloe had made a huge mistake. Although Terese eventually found out the truth after contacting her second in charge, Harlow stood by her claim that the roster was flawed.

As the two began to bicker, Harlow was shocked to see a familiar face walk through the door of Harold’s.


Donning his khaki uniform, and with a duffle bag in tow, Brent’s reappearance couldn’t have come at a better time in Harlow’s life. She’s been at a crossroads for some time, and the one thing that really grounded her, when she desperately needed someone, was Brent. He made her happier than she had been in a very long time.

Now that he’s back, that happy side of Harlow is beginning to shine through.

Rushing over to him, Harlow throws her arms around him and they share a passionate kiss. It’s obvious that she’s elated to see him again.

I’m somewhere between having a heart attack and bawling my eyes out,” she assures her boyfriend when he asks.

However, it’s clear from Terese’s demeanour that he has interrupted something. Letting the pair go back to their sparring match, Brent is confused and later seeks clarification about what he walked in on.

She doesn’t deserve to be assistant manager,” Harlow says about Chloe to a surprised Brent. Although he tries to calm her down, he begins to see that things have changed quite a bit since he left.

As a result, it seems that Brent begins to question whether he truly likes the person Harlow has changed into.

He tries to suppress his feelings as they reconnect, but his unease is further cemented when he witnesses a conversation between Paul and Harlow. Paul asks his granddaughter to invite him to dinner in order to get close to his estranged wife.

Although he feels as though Harlow duping Terese into dinner is totally inappropriate, Brent holds his tongue. That is, until he sees the pure anger in Terese’s eyes when he turns up at the house.

Offering to give Terese a hand taking some boxes inside, Brent quietly confirms that Harlow is playing her and reveals the truth about the dinner idea.

Seething, Terese banishes Paul and gives Harlow a serve about her behaviour.

Harlow is quick on the back foot, defending her actions to Brent by explaining that Paul was the person who paid for Toadie (Ryan Moloney) to represent Brent in his trial.

However, with the anguish building, Terese lets slip a little bit of information that takes both Harlow and Brent by surprise.

Holden isn’t playing nicely…

But he also paid Holden to give evidence against Brent,” she reveals in the heat of the moment.

Anger takes over Brent as well, but Harlow seems unfazed by the reveal. Instead, she continues to defend her grandfather.

You and I both know the lengths that Grandad will go to protect us.

As if Brent couldn’t get any angrier, hearing Harlow try to justify Paul’s actions is just too much for the teen.

He makes for the door, needing to get away.

Naturally, he headed to the only place in Erinsborough he truly felt safe: No. 32 with pseudo parents David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson).

The next day, Harlow tracks down her boyfriend, but he’s distant. It seems that all the little events in the past 24 hours have built up and when Harlow picks Paul’s side over his when they exchange a war of the words at Lassiters, he’s had enough.

“The Harlow I knew never lied or compromised herself for anyone else,” Brent tells her, before adding that he no longer knows who she is.

Will this be the final straw for the couple?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 25th October (8717)

When Aaron and David casually drop in to check on Nicolette and Isla, she is furious they can’t stop worrying about her.

Despite Terese making it clear that the way Paul uses people is unacceptable, he recruits Harlow again, leaving Brent to spill the beans to Terese.

Tuesday 26th October (8718)

When Nicolette catches the boys making a call to Leo for some Abigail time, she’s defensive on Isla’s behalf, but the boys are insulted because they’re not getting the proper bonding time with Isla.

Brent is hurt and frustrated by Harlow’s defence of Paul and doesn’t like how much she’s lying.

Wednesday 27th October (8719)

Everyone expects Harlow to be devastated by Brent’s decision to break up with her, but she’s cool, calm and collected.

Amy becomes fixated on spying on Levi’s date with Felicity.

Hendrix invites Mackenzie over to play video games, leading to a hot make-out session.

Thursday 28th October (8720)

Both Mackenzie and Hendrix believe the other is ready to take things to the next level, resulting in a very awkward situation.

When Toadie and Roxy invite themselves on Kyle’s impromptu fishing trip to Frankston, Roxy overhears Kyle tell Toadie that he needs to go on the trip alone.

Completely over Amy worrying about if Levi is going to dump her, Ned finds Levi to demand he sort out what he wants.

Friday 29th October (8721)

Feeling closer to Isla, Aaron and David want to discuss a new parenting arrangement, but Nicolette refuses to consider giving them more than 50/50 custody, despite their original agreement.

Levi and Amy are back on track, but when Amy spots a text from Felicity on Levi’s phone, she can’t help but snoop.

A guilty Kyle tells Roxy his reason for visiting Frankston, promising that they’ll face whatever comes next together.

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