Neighbours Spoilers – Can Melanie get rid of Rose once and for all?

Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Toadie finds himself between a rock and a hard place with two of the special women in his life.

These episodes will air from Monday 27th September.

To say Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) has had an easy time with women in the past would be a blatant lie. Even when the father of two was a teenager, he was plagued by bad luck with women.

His three wives – Dee (Madeleine West), Steph (Carla Bonner) and Sonya (Eve Morey) – have all either died or divorced. His romances, all collapsed at varying stages.

But this week, it seems not only has he pushed away his girlfriend Melanie (Lucinda Cowden), but also his closest friend Amy (Jacinta Stapleton).

Firstly, Melanie!

The pair have had their trials and tribulations over the last few months. However, as Toadie continued to find out things about his girlfriend’s past, things went from bad to worse. And when he, alongside former flame Rose (Lucy Durack) came across her at a secret meeting with her ex, Justin Buke (Mick O’Malley), he realised it was time to call it quits.

After all, he had just been kissed by Rose and realised he still had feelings for her.

This week though, he has a change of heart and realises that he wants nothing more than to be in a relationship with her.

Taking some advice from Mackenzie (Georgie Stone), Toadie decides to dress up for the occasion… or rather dress down.

Donning some tiger print boxer shorts, he awaits Melanie’s arrival. Unfortunately when she appears, she’s less than enthused. She believes that he only sees her as an option for fun and not for a serious relationship. This further cements the rift between them.

With Father’s Day upon them, Toadie’s kids Nell (Scarlett Anderson) and Hugo (John Turner) are upset when they learn that the plan Melanie had for them – to spend the day at the zoo with her and Toadie – isn’t going ahead.

But when Rose swoops in with a special Father’s Day picnic at the beach, all is saved. At least, that’s what Toadie thinks. It’s clear that Nell doesn’t want to be there and isn’t overly enthused by Rose handing around with her daddy.

As so often it does in Erinsborough, the stars align later on and Melanie and Toadie share a heated beat together after the picnic. Melanie was upset when she stumbled across the cosy soiree at the lake, but having felt the spark between her and Toadie, she was buoyed.

Toadie and I had a moment in the café – it was electric,” she expresses to Susan and Mackenzie.

And when Hendrix (Benny Turland) reveals that Rose confessed to setting up Melanie and Justin to be seen by Toadie, it seems Melanie has all the ammunition she needs to get Rose out of her relationship for good.

Will she use it? Or does she have another plan up her sleeve?

Now, to Amy!

When she began her polyamorous relationship with Levi (Richie Morris) and Ned (Ben Hall), Toadie made sure some ground rules were set. The cardinal – that she doesn’t flaunt it in front of Nell and Hugo.

But this week, Nell begins asking questions and Toadie feels uncomfortable!

After questioning Ned about his relationship status with Amy, and he revealed she was his girlfriend, Nell caught her dad’s best friend in a passionate embrace with Levi.

Naturally, Toadie isn’t happy when Nell gives him a drawing… and it’s of Amy with her boyfriends.

Once Amy returns home, Toadie hands her the picture and expresses his frustrations. He doesn’t know why she is even asking questions if Amy is supposed to be being discreet.

But it seems he goes too far when he declares that if things were serious with Ned and Levi, he wouldn’t have an issue with Amy announcing it.

Taken aback, Amy can’t believe it. She’s been through the wringer with Levi’s family, especially his grandmother Sheila (Colette Mann), received weird looks and nasty comments, but now she just feels like Toadie sees her situation as two casual flings, rather than the serious relationships they are.

Fighting back tears, Amy tries to defend her relationship, but Toadie isn’t having a bar of it. He blurts out something that neither of them can believe he says.

Right now, I’m thinking that letting you move in is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made,” he says, venom in his tone.

With tears imminent, Amy looks her friend dead in the eyes, saddened that he could utter such a notion.

Will the friendship be able to repair itself? Or is this is for the House of Blouser?

Also this week… Terese visits her son’s killer in prison

Five years after the death of her son Josh, Terese visits the woman that killed him – former Lassiters owner and Quill Hotel Group CEO, Julie Quill.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 27th September (8697)

Toadie makes a bold romantic gesture, hoping to remind Melanie of what makes them great as a couple, but it backfires massively.

Levi decides to crash Amy’s sauna session, but Ned’s already there.

Kyle attaches a mini camera to Gary the pigeon, but the footage he captures is a little more risqué than Kyle could have imagined.

Tuesday 28th September (8698)

Terese insists on visiting Julie Quill in prison.

Rose wastes no time comforting Toadie in his heartbreak.

Paul is forced to reveal the full extent of his deception to David.

Wednesday 29th September (8699)

Although dinner with Rose is fun, Toadie makes it clear that nothing is going to happen between them, just yet.

Terese is left feeling bereft when she learns that Jesse has handed in his resignation and is moving to Sydney.

Harlow learns that the Lassiters staff receive a free drink at the end of their shift without Paul’s knowledge.

Thursday 30th September (8700)

Harlow decides not to inform Paul and Terese of the free drinks for staff, but quickly regrets her choice.

Toadie is thrown when Nell questions Amy’s relationships after seeing her physically close with both Ned and Levi.

Friday 1st October (8701)

Rose organises a family picnic for Toadie for Father’s Day now that Melanie’s plans for the day are no longer happening.

After her confrontation with Toadie, Amy has a suggestion to keep both her relationships and their friendship intact.

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