Home and Away Spoilers – Dean asks Ziggy to move out!

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, not wanting her to see him at his weakest, Dean asks Ziggy to move out of the farmhouse. What now for the troubled couple?

The last week has seen Dean (Patrick O’Connor) struggle to adapt to life in the farmhouse. He reluctantly moved in with Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) after the car crash, when the extent of his injuries meant that his apartment above the Diner wouldn’t be suitable.

There’s no way he could make it up and down the stairs to the first-floor apartment, so Ziggy’s single-story house seemed like the perfect location for him to begin his recovery.

He was nervous to be moving back in with Ziggy just days after they got back together, but when his only other choice was a rehab hospice, the farmhouse was the clear winner.

He knew that recovery would be hard. He’d already gone through the struggles of rehabilitation after an earlier car crash, which he suffered when living in Mangrove River in his youth.

Back then, he crashed as he raced after Ross Nixon along with Colby, and Amber’s brother Jai. That crash ended Jai’s life and left Dean with serious injuries, and it took months of difficult rehab to get back on his feet.

Now, he’s going through it all again.

Last week, his worst fears ended up coming true. Moving in with Ziggy was as difficult as he predicted, and soon put a strain on their new relationship.

In last week’s Australian episodes, we saw Dean struggling in his new surroundings.

What’s more, he was refusing to take his pain medication, meaning his recovery was even more excruciating than it should have been. He had spent days hauled up on the sofa, and didn’t even have the energy to take a shower.

With Mackenzie’s help, he finally washed and got a much needed change of clothes. Ziggy couldn’t believe it – she’d been trying and failing to get him to take a shower for days, but he wouldn’t listen.

When she later went to help him, he exploded at her and left her in floods of tears. She was desperate to have him back, but didn’t expect their newly rekindled romance to be this difficult.

This week, things don’t get any easier. After Mackenzie warned him that he was close to throwing away his relationship if he continued to treat Ziggy badly, he knew he had to be careful. But with the pain he’s in, he simply can’t control his temper, let alone be the loving boyfriend that she deserves.

“I wanna be the guy that she fell in love with,” he confessed to his sister. “Not this.”

In a devastating blow for the young couple, his only solution is to ask Ziggy to move out… of her own house! He wants to be with her, but knows the only way they’ll survive is if he handles his recovery without her.

Talking to TV Week about the latest development, Patrick explains that he doesn’t want to rely on Ziggy for his recovery, not wanting to show weakness. “Last time, it was Willow looking after him as a friend, so he was okay with showing her how weak he was.

“But Ziggy is a different story. He wants to be the man she needs – and currently, in the state he finds himself, he’s not.”

He’s seriously struggling. He can barely move around on his own, and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) arrives at the Astoni house to find him on the floor. He’s fallen over, and it takes all her strength to help him back onto the couch, as she begs him to finally take some pain meds.

Of course, he refuses!

When experienced doc Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) examines Dean, he concludes that he’s suffering from PTSD. The trauma from his car crash all those years ago is still well and truly inside him, and the new accident has brought everything back.

Dean finally reveals that he became addicted to his pain medication after the last accident, and that’s why he’s so reluctant to take any meds this time around.

He’s determined to do things without any medical help, even though it’s just going to make things 10x harder.

In the end, Ziggy agrees to his request. She’s heartbroken as she packs her things and moves out of the farmhouse, giving him space to recover.

Thankfully, he still has Mac to look after him. He needs her, as he can’t bring himself to open up to Ziggy himself.

“At this stage, Mackenzie is like the messenger between Ziggy and Dean,” Patrick explained to the Australian magazine in this week’s issue. “He doesn’t have the confidence to tell Ziggy where he is emotionally and physically, so he relies on Mackenzie to help him out.”

However, it isn’t long until he starts lashing out at Mackenzie too. Will she continue to stand by him?

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