Home and Away Spoilers – Mac and Logan finally get together

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, Mac finally agrees to give Logan a chance… and soon finds herself sharing a kiss with him. Is romance on the cards?

Logan arrived in Summer Bay to rescue Dean Thompson

It’s been an eventful few weeks since new doc Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) arrived in Summer Bay.

His dramatic helicopter rescue may have saved Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) life, but it’s fair to say he made a bad impression on Tori (Penny McNamee) when he took over her department to ensure sure his patient got the life-saving treatment he needed.

Since then, he’s continued to rile Tori up, whilst making a great impression on Dean, Mackenzie and old friend Christian (Ditch Davey). While Dean is forever indebted to him for saving his life, Mac is impressed for a very different reason.

Dr Bennett quickly caught Mackenzie’s eye

She’s been attracted to the hot doc since she first bumped into him at the hospital, and he’s continued to get her heart racing ever since. Unfortunately, the influence of her friends and family has hindered rather than helped matters.

“He’s hot, he’s into you. You’re hot, you’re into him.”

They were Ziggy’s words, describing to Mac just how simple the situation is. They should get together, and as far as Ziggy was concerned, there was literally nothing to stand in their way.

When Mac confessed to Ziggy that she had no intention of exploring anything with Logan, Ziggy took matters into her own hands. She borrowed Mac’s phone and text Logan, trying to orchestrate a romantic encounter herself.

Mac was furious that Ziggy went behind her back, but soon admitted that the idea of something between her and Logan may not be the worst idea after all. Calling him back, she left him an awkward but endearing voicemail, telling him to give her a call so they could organise a drink.

Mac has had a hard time of late. Is romance with Logan just what the doctor ordered?

However, when days went by without a response, she came to the conclusion that he wasn’t the gentleman she thought he was.

Little did she know, Logan was busy saving more lives, conducting a death-defying helicopter rescue to save a woman who had lost her footing while taking a selfie at the lookout. He sustained a minor head injury himself, and, much to Tori’s shock, stitched himself up rather than getting checked out properly.

When Mac caught up with him at the hospital, she was ready to give him a piece of her mind.

“Just so you know,” she told him, “I don’t like games, so you can pretend I never called.”

“Honestly, I didn’t think you were that guy that chases a girl then disappears the second she calls him back.”

Mac had no idea Logan had been busy saving lives

As he asked for some clarity on what on earth she was talking about, he collapsed! He’d suffered a concussion in the rescue, and Mac realised that maybe, just maybe, she’d been a bit premature in giving him a serve for not calling her back!

This week, Logan returns to Summer Bay, and this time things are looking up for the will-they-won’t-they pair.

After missing her phone call and missing out on the chance of a date, Logan is straight to the point as he heads to Salt looking for another chance. Cornering Mac in the otherwise empty restaurant, he tells her that he already knows what he wants.

“And what is that?” asks the bar owner with a smirk.

“A chance to make things right. Have one drink with me, and then I’ll leave if that’s what you want. Your call.”

Mac gives Logan a chance to impress her

Taking him up on his offer, the pair share a drink. And then another. Before they know it they’re back at Mac’s place.

It’s clear that their date was worth the wait. The next morning, Logan finds Mac enjoying a surf at the beach, and waits for her to get out. When she does so, she’s more than happy to show their flirty new connection off to the world, and pulls him in for a passionate kiss.

“He is adventurous, cheeky, smart, a lifesaver and oh so very cute,” is how Emily Weir described Logan in the latest edition of TV Week.

That evening, they find themselves back at Mac’s place once again. After weeks of uncertainty, it looks like they’re well and truly on.

However, while the attraction may be there, how much does Mac really know Logan?

Sure, he’s good at saving lives, and she’s turned on by his adventurous side, but every time she tries to delve into his past, he shuts down.

Is Logan hiding something?

Elsewhere this week, it’s the last chance for Bella and Nikau.

After Nik cheated on his girlfriend with devious modelling agent Sienna (Rose Riley), he wanted nothing more than Bella’s (Courtney Miller) forgiveness.

However, when his destructive behaviour led to the car crash that took the life of Mia (Anna Samson) and Ari’s (Rob Kipa-Williams) unborn baby, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) did a complete 180.

Almost losing Nikau made Bella realise she would be lost without him. However, much to her surprise, Nikau pushed her away, telling her that there was no chance of them ever getting back together.

This week, Bella decides to give him one last opportunity to repair their broken relationship. In emotional scenes, she begs him for one last chance.

“I forgive you,” the tells him, before handing him an ultimatum. “This is your last chance, if you let me walk out, I am never coming back again.”

Will he let her walk out of his life forever?

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 6th September (7644)

The continued success of their catering business is giving Chloe and Ryder sleepless nights. Logan surprises Tori when he gives her valuable insight about her fear of change.

Tuesday 7th September (7645)

Leah solves the case of the missing spices. In the process of helping Roo, Bella finds herself healing. Will Mackenzie fall for Logan’s charms?

Wednesday 8th September (7646)

Second chance love is on the line for Bella and Nikau. Mackenzie and Logan can’t keep their hands off one another. Martha worries the online auction is a bust.

Thursday 9th September (7647-7649)

Can Nikau and Bella rebuild? Ari wonders what life could have been like. Alf tries to plan time with his wife.

A new arrival ruffles local law enforcement. Will Ari listen to Mia’s request? Can Christian get Tori to tell her brother about London?

Dean and Ziggy’s relationship cracks. Justin’s not convinced by Leah’s nephew. Tane can’t shake Felicity.

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