Home and Away Spoilers – Leah arrested after her secret is exposed

This week on Home and Away in Australia, new cop Cash Newman is kept busier than ever as he makes yet another arrest – and this time it’s Leah turn!

The Susie McAllister story isn’t over yet. Her body was discovered in the waters off the bay just over a month ago, leading to a major investigation into how she ended up there.


Since Susie skipped town, Justin Morgan (James Stewart) has been arrested twice – first after he punched Stephen (Bren Foster), and then a second time after Susie’s phone was found in his car, leading Senior Constable Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) and Detective Amy Peters (Lisa Flanagan) to believe that he was responsible for her death.

Then, after Leah (Ada Nicodemou) found a bag stashed with cash and a burner phone hidden in Stephen’s apartment, her SOS message to John (Shane Withington) alerted the police to the real culprit, and Stephen was arrested as he drove Leah back to the bay. Whether he would have handed himself in anyway, we’ll never know.

While the culprit may be in police custody, the story doesn’t end there.

As Australian viewers discovered at the end of last week, Leah took the bag containing their $90,000 house deposit from Stephen’s motel, and had been hiding it in the cottage next to the Morgan house.

She and Justin had put all of their savings into their house deposit, and were excited about starting a new chapter of their lives together. Since Susie scammed them out of the cash, things have gone down hill, and Leah believes that getting the money back is just what they need to fix their problems.

Having not been used since Brody and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) lived there, the cottage was the perfect place for Leah to stash the bag until she decided on her next move.

Sadly for her, Justin decided it would also make the perfect place for him to recover from his ongoing addiction, and she was forced to quickly move the bag into the main house before he realised what was going on.

As we rejoin the story on Monday, Leah finally tells Justin what she’s done.

“It’s the money that Susie stole,” Leah confesses excitedly in the garden of the Morgan house. “I have it.”

“I got our money back, Justin!”

It appears that she went back to Stephen’s motel room shortly after his arrest, and took Susie’s laptop along with the $90,000 of savings she stole from them. In her eyes, it’s not even a crime, she’s just taking back what’s rightfully theirs.

“The money is ours,” she insists, as she tries to justify her actions. It makes sense that they should have it back. Plus, with Susie dead, the police probably aren’t even looking for it.

However, Justin is far from as excited as his girlfriend.

He can’t believe that she’d resort to illegal activity after everything they’ve been through in the past few months.

As they sit in their bedroom discussing it, he tells her, “you should never have gone back to that place, that’s a crime scene. I don’t want any part of that.”

Not long after, he arrives at the Diner with new cop Cash Newman. Leah is stunned when he asks the constable a theoretical question – if the money was found, what would happen? Would it be returned to them?

She can’t believe he’s sailing so close to the wind with his questions. However, a bigger shock is yet to come.

Having already been arrested twice, Justin doesn’t want to get in even more trouble with the police. He’s determined that they’re not going to keep the money, and gives Leah an ultimatum – either she hands over the money herself, or he will!

Talking to TV Week about the latest development, Nicodemou says, “Leah believes it’s their money and they deserve it. They’ve been through hell, so this could change their lives.”

However, it seems she’ll never get the chance to spend the money. Later in the week, after a close call when Cash almost spots them with Susie’s laptop, she realises that she needs to do the right thing and hand the money in.

Yet is it that the end of things? TV Week reports that Cash drops a bombshell, telling her that she’s going to be arrested and charged with possession of stolen goods.

“She knows she will be arrested and, obviously, she’s very scared,” says Ada about Cash’s threat. “But she realises she did the wrong thing.”

However, new Cash has shown his softer side on more than one occasion. He gave Justin the benefit of the doubt when Detective Peters was determined to believe he was guilty, and seemed to want to help him out.

Is he really going to arrest poor Leah, or will he take her eventual honesty into account and let her off the hook?

Either way, Justin and Leah’s ethical dilemma isn’t set to make it any easier for them to repair their fractured relationship.

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 12th July (7608)

Nikau’s behaviour divides his friends and family. Leah makes a serious confession to Justin. John pushes his bank for an investigation.

Tuesday 13th July (7609)

Justin and Leah test their morals. Nikau confronts Bella. Emmett gets the break he’s been dreaming of.

Wednesday 14th July (7610)

Emmett stalls on telling Bella he is leaving. Chloe has a poor attitude towards work. Roo is anxious to hear Martha has returned.

Thursday 15th July (7611–7612)

Martha and Kieran finally come face to face. Jasmine is shaken when she sees another side of Kieran. Ari and Mia are nervous for their first ultrasound.

Martha makes a surprising decision about Kieran. Leah and Justin struggle to put the past fully behind them. A piece of good news leaves John strangely upset.

Ziggy’s worried that three’s a crowd. Can Tori and Christian see eye to eye? John attempts to give back. Justin and Leah continue to be at arms-length.

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