Home and Away Spoilers – Mackenzie goes to war with Ryder and Chloe

On next week’s Home and Away in the UK, Ryder and Chloe’s new business finally launches, but it looks set to start a food war with Mackenzie. Is Summer Bay big enough for another food venue?

The designers, sign-writers and kitchen-fitters of Summer Bay (or most likely Yabbie Creek) clearly don’t have too much work on at the moment, as they’ve managed to transform Ziggy’s battered old van into a top-notch taco truck in just a couple of weeks.

No sooner has Alf started complaining about the racket that Chloe and Ryder are making on his driveway, than their colourful Mexican-themed van is done and ready to launch.

In next Monday’s episode, Chloe and Ryder launch La Cucaracha to the world, parking it slap bang on the grass outside Salt. It’s named after the famous Mexican folk song about revolution, but neither of the budding restaurateurs have any idea of the actual meaning of the word – the cockroach.

Ay ay ay!

Their buy-one-get-one-free taco offer quickly attracts scores of hungry surfers looking for a feed. When Mackenzie and John wander by and stumble across Summer Bay’s newest trendy food spot, Mac is all too aware of the impact the competition could have on her own restaurant.

Especially when it’s parked directly outside.

Her efforts to move them along are in vain, and Palmer has no issue with them being on Surf Club property as he happily tucks into his taco. Luckily for Mac, her years of managing a restaurant have armed her with plenty of ways to shut down an inexperienced competitor.

“Do you have a safety permit?”

“Of course we do!” announces Ryder as he confidently holds it up.

“A health permit?”

“Right here.”

“Hey, what about a trade waste permit?”

“I’m sure we do somewhere…” Ryder’s voice trails off as he realises that’s one thing they didn’t tick off their list.

“You don’t have one, do ya?”

And just like that, a smug look of satisfaction spreads across Mackenzie’s face, and the pair are forced to shut up shop as quickly as they began.

However, they’re not in any rush to give up, and silent partners Roo and Alf quickly enter to help de-escalate the situation. Alf is the Surf Club president, he’s a Summer Bay stalwart and has run the joint for decades, so nobody in their right mind is going to argue with him when he throws his backing behind the new venture. Apart from, of course, Mackenzie Booth.

Still reeling from her breakup and miscarriage, she’s spent the past few weeks demonstrating that she doesn’t give two hoots what anybody thinks of her, and she lets rip on Mr Stewart. She explains that the new venture affects Salt, and expects Alf to side with her, but he confirms that everything is above board.

“Oh, of course, he’s your grandson. Favouritism, much?”

When he tells her to be careful, reminding her that he’s been running the joint since long before she was even born, she takes no notice.

“Running it corruptly, you mean?”

Alf’s face says it all. He was already on his grandson’s side, but after Mackenzie’s display, he’s even more determined. It ends up being Ryder who comes to the rescue, diffusing the growing tension between Mackenzie and Alf as he cuts off the conversation, shocking both Mackenzie and Chloe by agreeing to move the truck.

While Chloe isn’t too happy about her boyfriend rolling over so easily, she cheers up when a new location quickly presents itself – the caravan park. Hungry backpackers prove the perfect punters, and they’re kept busy all day.

However, Ryder isn’t willing to let his old boss win. He’s still determined to get back outside Salt, and, once they’ve got their final paperwork in order, that’s exactly where they return to, with flyers aplenty.

Yet Mackenzie isn’t ready to roll over either. She organises a free tasting menu at Salt, and copies Chloe’s marketing plan of handing out flyers to as many people as possible.

When even that isn’t enough to ward off the competition, she brings out the big guns. A megaphone, as she shouts down to the punters below with the offer of free finger food and happy hour on cocktails.

“Come one, come all.”

Even Dean gets the full force of her wrath. When he’s tempted by one of Ryder and Chloe’s tacos, he quickly finds a bucket of water poured over his head from above. Mackenzie certainly means business!

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It looks like Mac has won the first battle. Yet Chloe has one more trick up her sleeve…

Just who will win the war of Salt vs La Cucaracha?

Read on after the synopses below for some SERIOUS UK Spoilers…

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 28th June 2021 (Episode 7565)

Mackenzie gets in a fight with Ryder and Chloe. Justin manages to hide his true motives. All Christian needs to do is pick up his suit.

Tuesday 29th June 2021 (Episode 7566)

The battle between Ryder, Chloe and Mac intensifies. Christian finds his meaning. Jasmine starts her new role with a shock discovery.

Wednesday 30th June 2021 (Episode 7567)

Leah makes a grim discovery. Alf isn’t himself. Christian can’t give Tori the answers she needs.

Thursday 1st July 2021 (Episode 7568)

Ziggy’s in Justin’s firing line. Tane offers to help Alf. Leah’s relationship slips away.

Friday 2nd July 2021 (Episode 7569)

Nikau slips into bad habits. Bella’s opportunity with Emmett fades. Roo focuses her energy on her dad.

Major spoilers for UK viewers…

The launch of La Cucaracha this week may have frayed tempers, but it’s nothing compared to what’s in store over the next month.

In episodes set to air on Monday 2nd August, just five weeks after their business venture got off the ground, it all comes crashing down. Out of nowhere, a huge explosion rips through the truck, sending debris flying everywhere, and knocking customers flying.

Jasmine is knocked to the ground and soon falls into a coma, while Chloe is left with a piece of metal sticking out of her abdomen. It’s set to have serious repercussions on Summer Bay for months to come, but also leaves one massive question.

Did someone sabotage the truck?

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