Neighbours Spoilers – Amy comes clean about her return to Erinsborough

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Amy reveals the truth about what happened in Cairns. Meanwhile, Nicolette finds Clive and Jane in a compromising position.

These episodes will air from Monday 14th June.

Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson) has been known to be a pocket rocket.

The blond bombshell first made herself known in town by introducing the locals to tequila body slammers. It didn’t take long for her to set tongue wagging with her salacious demeanour, no filter attitude and her penchant for lighting bar tops on fire.

For all her faults, Roxy’s tenacity is extraordinary. Pushing forward when people doubt her is her best quality, but when she isn’t given a chance, she’s like a dog with a bone trying to prove herself.

Roxy organised a volleyball match to prove her worth.

Only recently did Roxy fight tooth and nail for the manager position at the Flamingo Bar. Knowing the clientele and the business back to front was what she prided herself on. She even organised the volleyball tournament event to prove her skills in management.

So naturally, when Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) made a surprise return to Erinsborough and announced she had been given the position, Roxy was deflated. But she soon gave herself a task – find a reason to force Amy out so she could take over. Much to her own surprise, Roxy soon discovers something she can use to her advantage, a little secret that Amy has kept hidden from her new bosses and which could spell an early end to her new job.

This week, Roxy puts her plan into motion and brainstorms with Harlow (Jemma Donovan) how she could do so.

She knows that something happened while Amy was staying in Cairns. Amy has been very secretive about the months she was away from Erinsborough, and Roxy believes the reason why she left is the key that she needs.

After exhausting all her research options, Roxy decides to firstly ask her outright, to no avail.

That night, after Amy learns that Roxy desperately wanted her job, she calls her protege over to have a chat. Having once been in Roxy’s position, Amy assures her she knows exactly how she feels. Especially the mad rush to get to the top.

Roxy doesn’t think that she feels like that – she thinks she’s more than qualified for the job already – but when Amy continues giving her advice and telling her how good a job she’s doing lower down the ranks, she seethes.

“You just have to pay your dues,” Amy assures Roxy, who is getting more annoyed at her boss’s patronising tone by the second. Amy then tells her that she is incredibly lucky to be working under someone with her experience.

“You’ll be manager material in no time.”

Angry about the entire situation, Roxy feigns gratitude as Amy walks away. But an opportunity soon presents itself to her. Her eye catches Amy’s golden iPad, and, in that moment, a lightbulb illuminates. It could hold the information Roxy desires!

The next day, Roxy seizes a chance to send her boss away to help Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and uses her absence to snoop through her iPad. As she does so, she stumbles across exactly what she needs.

“Finally, I can get the job I deserve,” she assures her boyfriend Kyle (Chris Milligan) as she decides to go straight to Terese with the mysterious but key piece of information.

Roxy informs her aunt that Amy set a marquee on fire during a launch for the Far North Hotel. She admitted to being the cause of it and this resulted in her dismissal from the job.

Quietly, Roxy is proud of herself. Despite breaching Amy’s privacy, she feels vindicated, knowing that she may finally get the job she believes she deserves. Terese asks Roxy to hold the information close to her chest for the time being, and later, the Lassiters boss meets with Amy to grill her on why she’d kept the fire a secret.

Firstly, Terese asks Amy how she and Roxy are interacting.

“Roxy has taken to my mentoring like a drag queen to a wig,” Amy assures her, upbeat and bubbly. But her attitude is soon dampened when Terese changes the subject.

Informing her that she knows about what happened in Cairns, Amy deflates. She’s not proud of her actions, and was hoping to leave that part of her life behind.

However, while she did take responsibility for the fire, she wasn’t the cause of it. As she opens up to Terese and Paul (Stefan Dennis), she quickly has the two on side, with even hard-nosed businessman Paul sympathising that he’d have done the same if he was in her shoes…

The next day, as Roxy prepares to receive a promotion and step into Amy’s shoes, she’s shocked to find her nemesis still in place at the Flamingo Bar, and still very much the boss.

Heading straight to Terese, Roxy demands the truth. What did Amy say to keep her job? And what exactly did happen in Cairns?

Meanwhile, while renovations at Clive’s (Geoff Paine) house continue, he and Jane (Annie Jones) are offered No. 24 to use for date night, much to Nicolette’s (Charlotte Chimes) chagrin.

Nic and Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) go out for the night, leaving the pair with an empty house.

Naturally, when they return, Nic is worried, jingling her keys, worried that they may walk in on something. Thankfully, there’s only silence, leading the pair to believe they’re alone in the house.

However, when they hear a noise in the laundry, Nic heads around to check. She lets out a scream!

What she finds is something she hadn’t bargained for: her mother and Clive … engaging.

It’s all getting a little bit too close for comfort at No. 24.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 14th June (8622)

Roxy attempts to sabotage Amy’s trial as the Flamingo Bar Manager by digging into past.

Mackenzie and Hendrix share an intimate moment before they’ve had the chance to come clean with Harlow about their relationship.

After an altercation with Vera Punt, Karl discovers a mound of manure dumped on his doorstep.

Tuesday 15th June (8623)

Melanie is thrown when she realises Toadie is uncomfortable telling his kids about their relationship.

Mackenzie fears she’s ruined her friendship with Harlow.

Noticing that Hendrix is struggling with personal issues, Jane calls Chloe in to have heart-to-heart chat with him.

Wednesday 16th June (8624)

Toadie is annoyed that Melanie revealed their relationship to Hugo and Nell.

Roxy finally discovers Amy’s secret about her time in Cairns and takes the damning information to Terese.

A slightly tipsy Jane and Clive partake in some evening skinny dipping and a mortified Nicolette catches them in the act.

Thursday 17th June (8625)

With Bea and Levi’s road trip departure imminent, Sheila #2 encourages Bea to be honest with herself about whether she should really be going away with Levi at all.

Sheila #2 realises she has been using work to fill the void for her grief following the death of her nan.

Roxy waits for the news of Amy’s firing, but is thrown when Amy turns up to work.

Friday 18th June (8626)

Despite breaking up with Levi, Bea still decides to go on the road trip.

Sheila #2 urges Ned to tell Yashvi that they’ve crossed a line.

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