Home and Away Spoilers – New character in the search for Susie

On next week’s Home and Away in the UK, Leah gets some help in her search for Susie with the arrival of a new character with a link to the scammer. Will they be a help or a hindrance?

Leah (Ada Nicodemou) has been hitting brick wall after brick wall in her search for Susie McAllister (Bridie Carter). Last week, she and John (Shane Withington) headed for the city to follow up on a potential sighting of the scammer, but came back deflated when it led to nothing.

John has found the whole process too emotional. He still can’t believe Susie led him to believe there was a romantic attractions between them, and worse still, the fact he fell for it. “Did she ever care about me?” He doesn’t want to put himself through it any more, with the search just bringing back painful memories.

However, while John’s disappointment just made him want to give up with the search, it has left Leah more determined than ever. Sure, they came back empty handed, but they still had a potential lead, and if they can find one lead, they can find more. Eventually, one of them is bound to lead them to Susie.

Unfortunately, Leah is alone in her desire, with Justin (James Stewart) also desperate for her to give up and drop the search. He’s preoccupied with his own back pain, and just wants Leah to let the police do their job. She’s starting to see where he’s coming from, not wanting to drag her friends and family down as the search carries on, and for the first time considers stopping.

When she expresses her concerns to Christian (Ditch Davey), he can’t believe she’s even considering giving up. His new lease of life and adventurous personality means he wants to live every day to the fullest, and has every intention of putting himself first. He encourages Leah to do the same.

“Let me ask you one thing, who do you live your life for?”

When she answers “me?”, he continues. “Right, so do you really want to live the rest of your life with this toxic hate towards Susie? How are you ever gonna find peace if you just sit back and do nothing. The answer’s simple: don’t give up!”

And just like that, she’s given the enthusiasm to continue with her search. Of course, Tori (Penny McNamee) is none too happy about it, and berates her “born again boyfriend” for encouraging Leah to carry on – yet another thing for the pair to disagree on, as they grow further and further apart.

It’s not long before Leah gets another lead via the Scam Stop forum, and tries to convince John to give things one last chance.


The lead comes in the form of Stephen, portrayed by Bren Foster. It’s someone else who was ripped off by Susie, just like they were. John is still reluctant, suspicious that it might be a scam, some sick individual wanting to get a laugh out of feeding them a fake lead.

However, Leah has organised an ambush. While John hasn’t agreed to anything, Leah has organised for Stephen to turn up at Salt while the two of them share a drink, and John is none too happy.

Nonetheless, Stephen begins to explain his back story.

Susie had approached him about a property development offer. He was struggling as a builder at the time, so when she came to him with a “too good to be true” offer, he jumped at it. He built an apartment, with the agreement that they’d sell it together, but he was hung out to dry.

He lost everything. His business went under, he lost his apartment, many of his friends, his wife left him, and he’s been looking for Susie ever since. He wants to join forces with John and Leah to help track her down, but John doesn’t want any part to play in it. “And I don’t appreciate the ambush!” he tells them as he storms out of Salt.

John isn’t the only one to have a negative reaction to Stephen’s arrival. Leah invites Stephen back to her place to go through all of the evidence she’s gathered on Susie to date, but when she gets to the house to find her boyfriend already suffering from back pain, she experiences more of Justin’s wrath.

“This is Stephen, we met on Scam Stop.”

“You what?!”

He passes on the offer to join them, and makes a quick exit.

When he stumbles across Christian at the beach, he quickly discovers that it was his so-called friend who encouraged Leah to carry on with the search. “Why would you stick your nose in it?!”

Thankfully, Justin eventually comes around, realising that he needs to be more supportive of his girlfriend, especially as it’s clear she isn’t going to stop her search any time soon.

He heads back to the house with Christian, where he finds the pair have spent the whole night hard at work comparing their very extensive notes. He apologises to Stephen and welcomes him to the town.

The following day, Justin is more or less on side, and the three meet in the Pier Diner to discuss the next steps. Stephen is introduced to Irene (Lynne McGranger), where he learns that Susie not only tried to poison her, but also knocked her out.

Irene doesn’t seem too happy to meet him either. She gives Stephen a “word of warning” to tread lightly when she mentions Susie’s name, as some people “have lost more than just their savings,” referring to John’s emotional loss.

When Justin heads to the counter for a debrief with Irene, it’s clear he’s also struggling despite appearences. “They’re as bad as each other,” he tells her. “Together, they’re a nightmare.”

It’s set to be an uphill battle as Stephen and Leah try to win around the residents of Summer Bay and continue their passionate search for justice.

Elsewhere in Home and Away next week, Christian has his first day back at work. He puts on a brave face, but as soon as he leaves Tori at the lift and heads in, he make a beeline for the abandoned ward where Lewis carried out his attack.

The place is covered in police tape, but it’s exactly as Lewis left it, including the medical equipment that almost ended his life. He takes everything in, touching the bed he lay on, the straps that held him in place.

He lies down on the bed, and makes himself relive the exact scenario that Lewis put him through.

Will the experience be cathartic, or just bring back all the horrific memories?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 14th June 2021 (Episode 7555)

Ziggy is worried about Mac. Chloe and Ryder devise a plan. Christian and Tori are not seeing eye to eye. Leah brings in the reinforcements.

Tuesday 15th June 2021 (Episode 7556)

Mac continues to spiral. Christian searches for answers. Leah’s crusade strengthens.

Wednesday 16th June 2021 (Episode 7557)

Has Christian finally freed his past? Dean gives Mac a dose of hard love. Justin tries to be more supportive of Leah.

Thursday 17th June 2021 (Episode 7558)

Mac pushes everyone away. Ryder and Chloe’s dream comes true. Tane wants to take his relationship to the next step.

Friday 18th June 2021 (Episode 7559)

Nikau’s life is being managed for him. Bella’s plans are blown. Ziggy makes a decision.

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