Home and Away Spoilers – Christian tells Tori he’s moving out

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, the rift between Christian and Tori grows, until Christian makes a devastating decision that shatters Tori’s world. 

These scenes will air this week in Australia, and in the UK from Monday 5th July.

Last week should have seen Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) tie the knot with Christian Green (Ditch Davey) in an intimate wedding ceremony at Brody and Simone’s vineyard in Victoria. Instead, it was a week that left poor Tori lonely, confused and wondering whether she’d ever get to marry her fiancé.

Things aren’t set to get any easier this week, as Christian continues to distance himself from Tori and put all of his attention into caring for Rachel (Marny Kennedy) and her rare spinal injury.


The pair met at a skydiving centre, where Christian was searching for one final adrenaline rush before his big day. That spontaneous decision looks set to change his whole future, and may even end his relationship for good. When Rachel hit the ground hard during her first ever solo jump, her skull separated from her spine, meaning it was a miracle that she survived.

If Christian hadn’t been at the skydiving centre at that very moment, she may not have even made it to the hospital.

Christian been having a spiritual awakening of sorts in recent weeks, after seemingly remembering everything that happened to him when he was clinically dead. The medical mystery baffled him, but now he’s starting to think that everything is happening for a reason.

 He now believes that he was destined to survive Lewis’s attack, that something caused him to end up at the skydiving centre that day, and that he was meant to save Rachel’s life.

“What are the chances of a neurosurgeon being there the day I fall out of the sky?” Rachel mused innocently, but it set Christian’s mind racing, and made him believe he was sent there to save her.

Tori can’t understand why her fiancé is so focussed on Rachel when he should be off getting married. She knows the hospital’s other neurosurgeon would be perfectly capable of looking after the patient, but Christian is determined to remain by her side. “I feel like I’m in the position where I should understand,” she told Jasmine last week. “But I don’t. I don’t get why he’s choosing a stranger over us and our wedding.”  

Not long after, she was stunned when she found her fiancé by the side of Rachel’s hospital bed, laughing and joking with her. “This is why you couldn’t meet me for lunch! Let me know when you can book me into your busy schedule.”

While he defended himself, reminding her that part of his job is to observe neurologically how a patient is improving, Tori made it clear she didn’t like just how much fun he and Rachel seemed to be having together when he should be having fun with her.

Even Rachel can’t believe it. At the end of last week, she confronted her doctor about his actions: “I’m sorry, you postponed your own wedding for me, a stranger? Who does that?!”

When Christian explained that “a good doctor” does that, and that he took a vow to put his patients first, she told him that she didn’t buy his explanation. “Not when it comes to your own wedding.”

She feels terrible, and can’t believe that Christian would put his own life on hold for her. He reassured her that if he had his time over, he’d make exactly the same choice, but he struggled to come up with an answer when she asked him directly why he’d choose her over his own wedding.

A question that Tori, and most of us, want to know as well.

In Monday’s episode, Christian begins to open up to Rachel, as he continues to distance himself to Tori. 

He starts spending as much time at the hospital as possible. When he tells Jasmine that he’s going to hang around as he’s on call, she can see right through him – “Really? Or are you just trying to avoid Tori?”

She encourages him to head home to talk things through with his finacée, but instead he heads straight back to his patient.

When Rachel him the question again, reminding him that “you postponed your big day for a complete stranger”, he finally opens up about everything that’s happened this year, and about nearly dying at the hands of Lewis (Luke Arnold).

He tells her how he thinks he survived Lewis’s attack so that he could be around to save her. She knows that she probably wouldn’t have survived her skydiving accident if he hadn’t been there at the exact right time, so thinks there might be some truth to what Christian is saying.

Talking to TV Week, Marny Kennedy explains the bond that she and her doctor share: “Christian comes along like a ray of light. They bond through that shared experience of facing their own mortality.”

“I think, while it’s hard for a lot of people to understand, it’s pretty clear what draws these two together,” Marny explained to the magazine. “And that is their appreciation for being alive.”

Unfortunately, Tori can’t understand it. All she sees is one postponed wedding, a whole load of suppliers in limbo, and the man she loves growing closer and closer to another woman. She ends up confronting Rachel directly, accusing her of being too close to the man she’s due to marry!

She and Christian finally get the chance to talk things out, but it doesn’t help. Tori is convinced that Christian has developed an unhealthy obsession with Rachel, and she can’t see past it. As he tries again to explain things, it just pushes his fiancée even further away.

Eventually, he makes a move which is set to devastate Tori. Unable to see a way forward, he announces that he’s moving out of their house! He packs his bags and leaves, ignoring her pleas for him to stay.

As he leaves a heartbroken Tori behind, how can the previously loved up pair come back from this?

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Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 31st May (Episode 7572)

Christian avoids Tori but confides in Rachel. Nikau asks Tane to help him get fit and look his best. Ziggy feels lost when Tane starts work at the gym.

Tuesday 1st June (Episode 7573)

Justin’s deceit continues to grow. Nikau receives, and ignores, good advice. Although struggling, Roo decides to go it alone. The search for Susie heats up.

Wednesday 2nd June (Episode 7574)

Mackenzie continues to make new friends. The Susie stakeout doesn’t go to plan. Chloe is suspicious about Ryder’s sudden change in demeanour.

Thursday 3rd June (Episodes 7575-7577)

Chloe confides in Ryder. Ari and Mia have a hard time convincing Chloe. Justin’s cold turkey comes home to roost.

Justin struggles with his reality. Christian makes a bad choice. Roo and Marilyn rally around their friend.

Nikau becomes obsessed with his image. Christian makes a devastating decision. Tori’s world is shattered.

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